Ferrari boss agrees with Alonso that car is not good enough

Fernando Alonso at Silverstone

Fernando Alonso at Silverstone

Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali has refused to rebuke Fernando Alonso for questioning the lagging development of the tream’s 2013 car.

Spaniard Alonso qualified tenth but finished the British Grand Prix in third place, taking a bite out of Sebastian Vettel’s championship lead after the leading Red Bull broke down at Silverstone.

“We saw this weekend that the pace is not good enough,” he said afterwards.

Earlier, Alonso had pointed a finger at a trend of backwards development coming out of the Maranello factory.

“Fernando’s analysis is one that I share,” team boss Domenicali told the Italian newspaper La Stampa. “We have made the car worse.

“Now we need to analyse all the data to find the reasons for this step backwards, and [find] a solution. The drivers are in a difficult position psychologically, so it’s important to reassure them,” he added.

Domenicali also put his support behind Brazilian Felipe Massa, who has suffered multiple crashes in recent races, including yet another in Silverstone practice.

Some have suggested that the accidents are denting Massa’s chances of a 2014 contract.

“He needs to feel the confidence of the team, so that everything can be perfect in the next races,” said Domenicali. “Adding pressure serves neither the driver or the team.” (GMM.)

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  • Spartacus

    Ferrari need a better driver. The car was good enough for a podium finish.

  • kal

    Alonso had a superior car the first 5 races, should have won them all. He even said that RBR have no edge anymore, that those times are gone.

    What happened? Lol.

  • Speedo

    Stefano Domenicali, how come you are silent and missing in action (MIA) on the tyre blowouts when you were vociferous over the Mercs/Pirelli tests to make the tyres safer and also your objections to the introduction of the improved tyres in Canada after the Mercedes/Pirelli tests. What have you to say about Massa’s blowout which robbed him of a podium finish or within the the first five. Hypocrisy in the first order

  • KC

    Ferrari once fired triple world champion Alain Prost for criticizing their car. They’ve lost a lot of self-respect since then. Now they’re all “We’re not worthy of your greatness, Alonso!”

    I’m not a Ferrari fan but its sad to see a once great company sunk so low.

  • the fan

    the real problem for Ferrari since Jean Todt left is Stefano Domincalli. How many good drivers will be hired and be gone without a championship until Montezemolo realizes this

  • Kimi4WDC

    @the fan

    If Domincalli was calling the shots, Raikkonen would have been WC two or three times with Ferrari. But due to Montezemolo’s greed I’m not sure his karma will allow any titles until he is no longer in control of Ferrari.

  • fools

    like a boss :)

  • F1 Neutral

    I think Alonso peaked in 2012 where he was undoubtedly the best driver of the year – according to every other team too.

    This year he definitely started off with a car that was on the pace but made a mistake in Malaysia and then the DRS failure.
    Alonso’s recovery drives have been excellent all year – 2nd and 3rd in the last 2 races respectively shows that he is still a fabulous driver but he’s never been a great qualifier.

    It’s not helped by Vettel showing a level of talent and consistency that we previously saw with Schumacher. Vettel hasn’t had the best car to start with in 2013 or 2012 but he’s definitely brought the car home in the highest capable position apart from Silverstone which of course was not driver error.
    Vettel is on another planet this season.

  • Dennis Lagman

    The car is not fast enough… need to look more on making the car accelarate faster.

    Alonzo is a fine driver.