Red Bull pushing for own Mercedes style Pirelli test

Christian Horner and Ross Brawn at Silverstone

Christian Horner and Ross Brawn at Silverstone

Red Bull has asked the FIA if it can follow Mercedes‘ lead and conduct a 1000 kilometre tyre test with Pirelli, using its 2013 car.

The world champion team has been heavily critical of the Mercedes test, which resulted in the German team being banned from the forthcoming young drivers test.

But the FIA has since clarified that, so long as Pirelli and Formula 1 teams follow the right processes, tyre tests of this sort are actually allowed.

So Brazilian correspondent Livio Oricchio, writing for O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, reports from Silverstone that Christian Horner has asked the governing body if it can be the next team in line for a Mercedes / Ferrari-style test.

“Horner is convinced,” said Oricchio, “that the 1000 kilometres of testing that Hamilton and Rosberg did in Barcelona had a direct effect on Mercedes’ rapid development in the last few races.”

Speed Week is reporting similarly: “Red Bull has sent a detailed letter to race director Charlie Whiting to clarify the question: ‘under what circumstances can we also go testing?'”

Because of the ‘test-gate’ scandal, in which Red Bull has been vocally critical of Mercedes, a palpable tension between the two teams now exists.

Mercedes’ Toto Wolff insists that some quotes about Red Bull in the German media last week were taken out of context, but according to Bild newspaper he had agreed with Pirelli to sit down for a ‘peace summit’ at Silverstone.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner, however, refused to attend.

“That was not a good idea,” Horner is quoted as saying. “The tribunal is over and we want to look forward from now on.”

Wolff responded: “It’s a shame Christian declined [to attend]. I would have liked to talk about the tribunal, maybe clear up some things and get closer together once again.” (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    hypocrite b@st@rds!

    first attacking the integrity of another team for doing it, and now jauntily doing it themselves.

  • All the other teams should be allowed to have a 1000 KM test now

    It is not fair that Mercedes got away with their illegal 1000 KM test and exchanged the test information with Pirelli as was proven in the FIA hearing.

    Mercedes threatened to leave Formula One if they where punished hard so the FIA or better known as the toothless tiger slapped them on the wrist and gave them a wink wink and Mercedes got away with their illegal test where they did receive the test data a clear violation of the rules.

    Mercedes will forever be known as cheaters and I hope their stock holders force Mercedes to drop out of Formula One.

    In order to write this tragic wrong all the other teams should be given a 1000 KM test with their 2013 car and their current race drivers at the full expense of Pirelli with Mercedes excluded from the test as they have all ready been caught doing it. The teams will also be allowed all testing data just like Mercedes received.

    This test should take place after this weekends race.

  • Do a barrel roll at 1MPH

    @All other bla bla bla. You need to get out more. Did daddy not play with you

  • FairsFair

    Come on everyone. Let’s stop throwing toys out of the pram about this. Mercedes went to tribunal and a decision was made and if Mr. Horner would like to take the same test for Red Bull with the same conditions as Mercedes then I say let them. Not only that but let every team do the same.
    When each team has conducted the same test with Pirelli under the same condition that Red Bull did then they should go to the same Tribunal and suffer the same consequences.
    That would put everyone at the same level (except for Ferrari perhaps who conducted a test under what is believed to be a fair test with last season’s car and not their current drivers, perhaps they could have another stab at it too!?!).
    If each team then goes through the same process as Mercedes had can we all then stop complaining about it and get on with the Sport as it should be. Please let’s all stop it being made a political, red taped, school yard mockery of a show rather than the Premier sporting occasion that it’s supposed to be.

  • Robb

    I think all teams should be allowed to run a similar test to Mercedes’. This means not running your own program, but allowing your team to be used by pirelli to run their program. Also, this test would be on predominantly 2014 development tires, and in place of, not in addition to the young drivers test.

    I personally think the young drivers test might be more beneficial though, as teams will run their own programs, testing new parts…etc, to their hearts content, and on 2013 tires, not to mention that, weather permitting, they could run as many as 1400, or 1500 km. instead of just 1000.

  • Jack

    Yeah let them do it… But be completely transparent about it, maybe have an FIA observer present or something