Pirelli: We are taking the situation very seriously

Jean Eric Vergne after suffering a blowout during the British GP

Jean Eric Vergne after suffering a blowout during the British GP

Pirelli have announced that they are doing everything possible to get to the bottom of the tyre explosions that marred the British Grand Prix, and are working flat out to sort out the problem before next weekend’s German Grand Prix.

The were a number of rear-left tyre failures during the race, which affected Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari‘s Felipe Massa , Jean-Eric Vergne  of Toro Rosso and Sergio Perez at McLaren. Pirelli engineers will investigate closely the cause of the failures ahead of next week’s German Grand Prix.

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery said, “There have obviously been some issues with rear-left tyre failures which we have not seen before. We are taking the situation very seriously and we are currently investigating all tyres to determine the cause as soon as possible, ahead of the next Grand Prix in Germany.”

Sergio Perez arrives in the pits after a blowout

Sergio Perez arrives in the pits after a blowout

“At the moment, we can’t really say much more until we have fully investigated and analysed all of these incidents, which is our top priority. However, we can exclude that the new bonding process, which we introduced at this race, is at cause for the tyre failures we have seen today.”

“There might be some aspect to this circuit that impacts specifically on the latest version of our 2013 specification tyres but at this point we do not want to speculate but will now put together all the evidence to find out what happened and then take appropriate next steps should these be required.” (GP247)

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  • Yeh

    seriously? No, thanks. Bring good old michelin and bridgestone back. Ive had michelin in all my cars and never failed. Go home Pirelli, you’re drunk.

  • Jayne Speed

    Please sort these tyres out as you are putting lives at risk.These tyres are dangerous to say the least.And if you can’t do that let some other manufacturer have the contract.Never seen such a poor tyre in ally years of watching the sport.It’s unacceptable.

  • Spartacus

    Now that Ferrari have had a tyre failure they’ll get them fixed.

  • Tom Zeus

    Pirelli I’m sure is ashamed of the product they’ve served up this season. I supposed this is what you get when you can’t test during the season and find problems in tires before you get into full racing situations. But you would expect a company with the R&D Pirelli has that it wouldn’t be putting out tires that do this in an F1 race. When the third left rear tire blew the race should have been red flagged!

  • Rich

    Yeh, you drive your Michelins under the same conditions as F1? Or are you just THAT THICK?

  • Stefan

    The race should have been stopped after the 2nd failure or at the very least after the 3rd. Our entertainment is not worth the lives of those amazing drivers.

  • Giter

    Goodyear EAGLE F1

  • Dave

    The events surrounding Pirelli and their failures are nothing new to F1. In the past Pirelli has failed to produce a product which could withstand the abuses of competition. I recall back when Pirelli was again announced as the sole supplier that was a very unwise move.
    Time has proven this to be a fact. It is time to abandon Pirelli as tire supplier in favor of Bridgestone or Michelin both who share a very successful reputation as an F1 tire supplier.

  • iMark


    No. My michelins lasts more than 7 laps around Laguna Seca.

  • Hawk

    at least they got the wall part right. otherwise Lewis and Massa would not have stood a chance. driving a full lap on those walls amazing. I would want to know what speed they were doing.. I assume a 150s lap which translates to 150kph wow..

  • Bec

    While the BBC took a crew out to analyse the suspect curbs at turn 4, Sky were ignoring the story and letting Geri Haliwell analyse the race for them :D

  • IanP

    Slow down fellow F1 fans, no one knows the cause yet! Kerbs? Tyres? New bonding procedure? Who knows? Also, if Pirelli are not allowed access to current F1 cars for testing how can anyone expect them to be on the button. (sorry about the pun.)

    We all have opinions, but let the experts look at this. I wonder how many ordinary drivers out there have had blow outs as a result of rubbing tyres walls against the kerb, because the pressure was too low and the tyre wall was not as straight as it should be. This could be something similar. High speed, more grip, lower tyre pressures?

  • JPSmoove

    Let’s look back for a sec. Bernie (F1) dictated to Pirelli that the tires should become more of a factor and now they’ve done just that. More risk to increase the strategy/entertainment in racing. Now I am wondering if Bridgestone simply refused to play in this dangerous game and backed out. I think Pirelli has just gotten caught by another web of Bernie E. deception. How can he get away with this stuff?