Horner reaffirms dissatisfaction with ‘tyre gate’ verdict


Ross Brawn and Christian Horner during the FIA press conference at Silverstone

Ross Brawn and Christian Horner during the FIA press conference at Silverstone

Christian Horner re-affirmed his dissatisfaction with the verdict and sentence delivered to Mercedes, for their role in the ‘tyre-gate’ test, by the FIA tribunal in Paris.

Speaking during the FIA press conference, on Friday, at Silverstone Horner commented.

“The penalty they applied? I have to be a bit careful because he’s bigger than I am, sitting next to me!,” said the Red Bull boss with reference to Ross Brawn who sat next to him on the interviewee panel.

Adding, “Possibly it was a bit soft but, you know, it was a fair process and it was certainly interesting to see how it panned out. I think the biggest thing to come out of it is clarity.”

“I’m bound to disagree with Christian,” retorted Brawn. (GP247)

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  • Matthias O’keeffe

    not happy then leave..

  • quattro

    I think you do not need to be a genius to realize Mercedes have NOT served any penalty what so ever yet, for breaking the sporting regulations (that was established and confirmed at the “tribunal”). That is a fact that is easily proven :)

    It will be interesting if Mercedes goes on to finish at the podium (or even win!) at Silverstone – a circuit, given the fast corners, known to be hard on tires. Then we will be absolutely certain that every single officer at Mercedes F1 team, that was crying “we did NOT get an unfair advantage at the test” was lying.

  • quattro


    Sporting fans will leave – when a new formula is introduced by any of the more respectable teams. Then you can happily continue enjoying F1, the pinnacle of Getting away with Sporting Cheating.

  • Fairly terrace

    OOOOOOHHHH, Christian Horner is big man! What a wimp!

    Honestly, Red Bull have presented how many illegal cars over the last few years? They always got away with it, just having to “Change the configuration before the next race weekend.”

    He wants a 100 milliion dollar fine for a team that the FIA confirmed “acted in good faith” and “never had any reason to believe they had contravened the current rules in any way.”

    Then he sits next to Brawn and……… whimps out! Look Horner, if u feel strongly about it, Man up and say it in front of Brawn and lay your cards on the table.

    But he won’t do that. he won’t stand up to lady-boy Vettel, so he won’t stand up to Brawn.

    I don’t know what I feel about the test. It does seem dodgy, but Merc GP have plausible deniability.

    I just hate all the whinging and whining about it. Senna was a douchebag on track, but he had the guts to say stuff to people’s faces. Schumacher was a hard-nosed dude (and an occasional ‘cheat’), but backed that up by confronting people … remember Coulthard @ Spa 1998?