Brawn hopes to keep his role at Mercedes in 2014

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn has refused to say if he will still be Mercedes F1 team principal in 2014, when asked the question at Silverstone by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper, the 58-year-old Briton answered: “I hope so.”

This weekend’s British Grand Prix is the first race attended in Mercedes team wear by McLaren‘s former technical director Paddy Lowe, who had been tipped to eventually succeed Brawn.

Brawn admitted: “One day my career will be finished, but I will not stop until we are at the top. That will be the day when I can give less than I am now to the team.”

“Paddy Lowe has started work earlier than expected, and first he needs to be integrated, but he will take over a lot of the responsibility and, if possible, then my role will change.”

Brawn also insists that Mercedes will not spoil the broth by having too many technical cooks; now alongside the former Ferrari technical director and Lowe are Bob Bell, Aldo Costa and Geoff Willis.

“I think we have enough,” Brawn said. “Actually it’s perfect, as every one of us has an unique task.”

“At the moment, Bob is taking care of this year’s car, Aldo is managing the 2014 car, and Geoff is thinking about what is important in 2015. We are very well positioned,” he added, failing to mention Lowe’s current responsibilities.

According to the paddock grapevine, 51-year-old Briton Lowe is simply waiting to take over from Brawn.

“I have never feared for my job,” Brawn insists. “It has never factored in my thinking. I’ve always done what I felt was right. If that doesn’t suit the ideas of other people, then that’s too bad, but I’m not going to change for them.”

“I have always been aware that life in F1 is like a rollercoaster ride.” (GMM)

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  • Brqwn, after dragging Mercedes name through the mud you expect to keep your job?

    Come on Ross, you have damaged Mercedes reputation when you got caught cheating and you think you deserve to keep your job?

    Mercedes reputation is forever damaged because of your cheating hijinks Ross Brawn, in the end you get to walk away as a rich man but Mercedes will for ever be saddled with the moniker of being a cheater.

    I wonder how the board and stock holders feel about being labeled as cheaters now and how the Mercedes reputation has been damaged all because of you Ross Brawn.

    You should have been fired already.

  • Fairly terrace

    when did Mercedes get caught cheating?

    The FIA said Merc GP had “acted in good faith” and ‘had no reason to believe they had contravened current regulations.”

    If Mercedes got over making vehicles for Hitler and using forced labor, I’m sure they’ll get over a ‘slightly naughty’ test!

    Oh, and who is Brqwn?

  • mightyK

    R. Brawn certainly has had to answer this question an awful lot this season. Ever since The Rat came on board, this seems to be the case. And just what is Lauda doing for the team? To me, it seems Ross demonstrated another stroke of genius with this ‘tire test’ deal. And how many other times in his career have we seen him do the same type of things with other teams. Most notably his World Championship season as Brawn GP. Plus, now Mercedes is running at the front and winning!! Mercedes, you best keep Mr. Brawn leading the team, not that they’re planning otherwise.