Massa: Everything is still possible in terms of the championship

Felipe Massa during a Shell promotion ahead of the British GP

Felipe Massa during a Shell promotion ahead of the British GP

Felipe Massa has arrived at Silverstone, for the British Grand Prix weekend, upbeat and confident that Ferrari have a winning piece of kit at their disposal for the high speed sweeps and straights that make up the Northamptonshire circuit.

Speaking to media in the Ferrari motorhome, Massa said, “Looking at Barcelona and China, we were competitive there and this track here is similar in terms of having fast corners and an abrasive track surface which dictates the tyre choice. So I think it could suit our car, but as usual on a Thursday, we must wait and see. Looking at the points situation, it is important to have a good race here and in fact from now to the end of the year is very important for us to do so, so I hope we have a great weekend.”

Massa has never finished on the podium at the English venue, “I’ve finished fourth twice, but this is a circuit where I really enjoy to race and in general, I prefer these old types of track, along with Spa and Suzuka. I am really optimistic that we can have a good race and aim for my first podium at this track.”

Qualifying pace has been elusive for Felipe Massa and Ferrari

Qualifying pace has been elusive for Felipe Massa and Ferrari

Qualifying is an issue that has hampered both Ferrari drivers this season, but the Brazilian believes their title campaign is very much alive as race pace is not lacking in the F138, “I think everything is still possible in terms of the championship, because in the end, the races count for more than qualifying, but then qualifying is very important in order to have a good race, starting from the front to finish at the front. We are working very hard to make the car more competitive in qualifying, without losing the attributes we have in the race. That’s not easy, finding the complete package in a car.”

Much of the buzz on Thursday at Silverstone surrounded the announcement by Mark Webber that he would be leaving Formula 1 to pursue a sportscar project with Porsche.

Massa said of the news, “A driver should do what he feels he must do and I completely respect his decision, as he feels this is the time to do something a bit different. I always think that in our job, you have two lives, the first in F1 and then after that a new life begins with a new career. Mark has chosen his moment and each and everyone one of us will have to face that moment at some time.”

Feliep Massa upbeat ahead of the Silverstone weekend

Felippe Massa upbeat ahead of the Silverstone weekend

With regards to decisions about his own future, Massa declared, “I don’t think it will take too much time, maybe around the time the first part of this season comes to an end. I think I have a good chance of staying here. We must work and get good results, because in the end your results in the races are what count the most. I am completely confident about the races from now until the end of the season.”

“I don’t know what I will do when I stop F1, but I will want to race. I’m not sure about the series that includes Le Mans, because of racing different types of car where there might be a time difference of 20 seconds per lap. Maybe I’d prefer shorter races where you fight from beginning to end, like DTM maybe. But I have no idea when I will decide to stop so I hope I still have some more years here to fight for more victories and championships,” added the Brazilian. (GP247)

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