Hamilton praises fantastic Vettel in an awesome car

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Sebastian Vettel with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has repeated his praise of Sebastian Vettel, calling him a fantastic driver, but at the same time adding; “at the wheel of an awesome car”.

Earlier this week, triple Formula 1 World Champion and 2013 points leader Vettel insisted that he is not fazed by the likes of Hamilton or Fernando Alonso, who constantly herald one another’s talents but hail only Vettel’s Red Bull car.

When asked about that sort of criticism, 2008 world champion Hamilton accused the media of being “unfair”.

“It’s unfair to say we criticise him and say he doesn’t belong with Fernando and I. He does belong in that group, definitely,” the Briton is quoted by the Mirror.

Hamilton said that Vettel is “an absolutely fantastic driver”, but “he really does have an awesome car”.

“I think he would have a much tougher time if he was positioned with some different drivers,” he added.

“My comments are from what I see when I get to race wheel to wheel with him – well, the few seconds that I do before he flies off into the distance.

“I am sure in the back of every driver’s mind is ‘What would it be like if I was in that car?'”

However, two pundits believe that Hamilton should be looking at himself rather than others as he assesses why he only has a single title to his name.

“I think something happened a few years ago when he was looking for something in life outside of F1,” Gary Anderson, a leading F1 engineer turned broadcaster, told Speed Week.

“In my opinion he lost some focus. He needs to understand that what you do on Sunday is not enough – you have to think about nothing else than success, seven days a week. I no longer see that in him.”

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  • realf1fan

    Spot bollocks on Lewis, could not have put it better myself.

    Its all about the car and a Antipodean who is not in the top tier regards driving talent.

  • MacStar227

    Vettel can win races in a Torro Rosso! Something i doubt any other driver on the grid can manage!

  • Adam22

    Wow, Lewis you should be doing cycling, Tour de France is about equal car opportunities and maybe some doping hehe

  • realf1fan

    Lewis kicked Vettel’s butt in F3 in 2005 in cars that are similar in spec. Lewis and Vettel has never been in similar spec cars since, with Lewis being in a better car than Vettel in 2007 and 2008 and Vettel having the better cars since. Also the Red Bull team don’t make the same amount of mistakes as Mclaren.

  • Jack

    Yeah Vettel did win in a Torro Rossi, but in that race anyone with a bit of luck could have won, it didn’t have much to do with talent

  • F1 Neutral

    I think Vettel has answered the questions about his driving ability by getting the best possible result in every race this year. Sometimes it has been 4th etc, a little like the start he had last year, when Redbull didn’t have the quickest package.

    The points he collected at the start of 2012 were vital to his title, and no doubt it will be the same this year. I think he is driving better than ever, and he’s not had the fastest car in qualifying, because we all know that is Mercedes, and in the race, Ferrari.

    No doubt that Lewis should be 3 times world champion but I think the McLaren spygate ruined it for him in 2007 – I don’t believe either McLaren was allowed to win in a banned car. 2012 was full of McLaren pit errors and the fuel blunder, and other years aside from 2009 have been a lack of focus from Lewis.

  • Gr

    The premise of the protege died at the gravel trap in China 2007. That’s the last we saw of “Lewis”.

    This one now is a completely different person and driver.

  • What

    realf1fan, it shows you are ignorant. F3 cars are not same spec, Hamilton was in the much better team/car and Vettel was a 16 year old rookie to add to that.

    Also, Hamilton has been beaten in the same car by Button and Rosberg is beating him now too in the same car (1 win, 3 poles, to Hamilton’s 0 wins and 1 pole).

    So there you go.

  • Hawk

    Hamilton beaten by Button and Rosberg..
    ok they are better drivers.. you have won..

  • realf1fan

    What, you Ignoramus . I said similar spec not the same spec and lewis beat button twice in the same car , you got selective memory or WHAT what, and the last i looked the standings were Nico 57 Lewis 77 derrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    You Justin Bieber fans need to get your heads from your rear and realize Vettl has been driving better cars than the rest that includes the RB5 as well.

  • Patagrande

    I’ll suck your tube if you suck mine.
    Can I get Mark’s ride?

  • Fairly terrace

    Lewis is so fast. but his performances can be ‘clouded’

    Vettel is unable to win unless he has the fastest car and starts on the front row (yes, I know he qualified third and won, but he led into the first corner).

    in days gone by, reliability was a bigger issue. People like Jim Clark were soooooo good, but their cars failed so often. If he had pole, he would lead, pull away and BANG! mechanical failure…

    In the last twenty years, we’ve seen better reliability and we can clearly see the fast guys, the great racers and the rare few that fall into both categories. Vettel is fast but not the racer that Lewis or Alonso are. He has many more poles than race wins despite great reliability and the fastest car. Alonso is the opposite, he is fast (probably not the fastest over one lap) but can drag a dead donkey around a racetrack and make it look like a racehorse. He has more wins than poles.

    Lewis? Super fast over one lap, when he is focussed, a great racer… when he is focussed.

    Vettel makes the most of his car it is fastest. He is perfect on saturday (hence his many poles), but can only win when everything goes his way. If he loses the start, he loses the race (unless disobeying team orders). Seriously, how many times have you seen Vettel pass for the lead of a race?????

    Lewis is untouchable on his day. Alonso is untouchable on his day. Alonso can race from and not give up. Schumacher used to do that. Schuey wasn’t the fastest in qualifying, but he was the a cerebral racer. Alonso wrings the car’s neck and gets the maximum on race day. Kimi kinda loses interest at times…

    I don’t like Vettel, but he rarely misses an opportunity to get the best grid position. While he isn’t brilliant racer, in open air he can really make his car dance.

    Remember Monza 2008? Vettel and Sebastian Bourdais were the only drivers (in toro rosso cars) to risk a wet weather set-up in qualifying. the result- Vettel Pole, Bourdais 3rd. In the race, they had the fastest cars by a country mile. Bourdais (who was doing a better job than Vettel up until that point of the year) threw it all away by spinning off. Vettel, on the other hand, never missed an apex and simply drove off into the distance.

    Vettel got his mojo and spanked Bourdais for the rest of the year.

    I really liked Vettel that day… and in Brazil that year when he showed some fight to overtake Lewis.

    I liked him until Turkey 2010….
    Just when I was starting to like him last year after a few fightbacks, he pulls a multi 21!

    Every story needs a good guy and a bad guy. Vettel gives me someone to dislike. My greatest fear is that he will continue to improve upon his weaknesses (bad haircuts, choking under pressure, being a jerk, inability to pass unless he has a significant advantage over the other car) and become better and better.

    He is already a far better racer than he was 3 years ago, Damn. I hope Lewis get’s his mojo together and shows his Senna-esque ability to wring more out of a car than it has.

  • evil-DEEe


    Vettel can win races in a Torro Rosso! Something i doubt any other driver on the grid can manage! >>>>>

    Do you really think Vettel would have won that race if Lewis was 2nd on the grid that day instead of Koveline?