FIA to ensure identical engines supplied to teams by manufacturers

Formula One World Championship

Engine makers will have to supply identical packages to each partner team when the new V6 turbo formula kicks off next year.

But Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reports that Red Bull and Renault fought hard against the FIA’s plans, with the reigning champions having wanted to involve team sponsor Infiniti – Renault owned Nissan’s luxury brand – in the development of its power unit.

But the entire Renault ‘power unit’ will now have to be homologated, meaning all of Renault’s customers – including Toro Rosso and probably Lotus and Caterham – receive exactly the same package.

AM&S said that the rule will be ratified by the World Motor Sport Council on Friday.

The German report said that Mercedes argued strongly against allowing different engine specifications for individual teams, which might have driven up costs and deepened the gap between the big and small teams.

A paddock source is quoted as saying: “Infiniti can build their own engine if they want to.” (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • Ploops

    Typical Red Bull Bull$#!£. Hurting the small teams despite their massive financial advantage.

  • KevinW

    Apparently, Merc’s strong arm tactics in F1 extend beyond their getting away with cheating. F1 moves one step closer to spec racer form, homologated engines, simplified restrictive aero rules, single maker tires, heavier and heavier min weights… Only a few steps more and they can blend Indy Car and F1 into one… oh boy. This also carries the stench of continued anti-Red Bull rules making, putting them at odds with their main sponsor, in addition to cutting that sponsor out of entering an F1 engine package using the existing and well established Infinity-Renault alliance – a legitimate power-train producer. Meanwhile, Honda/McLaren will be an exclusive deal, with no objections at all.. huh…. More FIA political wrangling.

  • This way Mercedes can MAP their engine to their car and the others suffer

    Of course Mercedes fought for this. You see now they can MAP their engine for their own Mercedes car and the other Mercedes engine cars will be at a disadvantage.

    Mercedes is a disgrace.

  • connor

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