Call for Ferrari to quit Formula 1 if Monza axed

Fans at Monza

Fans at Monza

Ferrari should pull out of Formula 1 if Monza, the historic Italian Grand Prix venue,  is axed from the world championship calendar.

That is the view of Roberto Maroni, the president of Lombardy, in the wake of Bernie Ecclestone’s warning this week that even Monza might not be safe as he looks to scrap “a couple of races” in Europe in favour of “emerging markets”.

Maroni is quoted by La Repubblica: “[Ecclestone thinks [that] he’s father and master of the world, but he cannot decide such a thing without even consulting with people.

“If he does [axe Monza], there would only be one thing to do – Ferrari [should] withdraw from the grand prix and the Formula 1 circuit,” he added.

As for whether Lombardy could intervene directly, Maroni replied that he is “interested in any solution”. (GMM)

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  • terrance

    yes this should happen if Monza is removed from the calendar. It is one of the most iconic tracks like Silverstone, Belgium and Monaco. It is the only track were the cars complete potential is revealed. Removing Monza is a disgrace to Formula-1.

  • Spartacus

    F1 is bigger than any one team.

  • Andreas

    Ferrai is F1

  • Steffen Vagt

    F1 has history and Mr. Eccelstone should acknowledge that.

    Keep 5 classics on the calendar every year. Monaco, Monza, Silverstone, Spa and a German GP.

    Then let all the other circuits alternate every season ensuring a good mix of circuit characteristics. This way f1 can be on as many different tracks as it wants, the circuits doesn’t have to pay to Eccelstone every year and if it’s not an annual event there will be a greater chance for the locals to come and see the race, the local community to be able to support financially and for the nations to do an extra effort to differentiate their circuit from others and thereby ensure better marketing.

    This way there is room for Russia, India, China, Japan, Korea, US, Brazil, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia and all the European countries.

    Don’t axe a race like Monza, which has unique characteristics, history and a huge enthusiastic crowd.

    Try think at least a little out of the box Mr. Eccelstone. Hockenheim and Nurnburgring has done this with satisfaction for them both.

  • Bec

    And as no other major racing series uses Monza that would mean Ferrari quitting all of motor sport.

    Did Ferrari quit in 1980 when Monza was dropped?

  • Terry

    Well said steffen.
    Monza is one track true racing happens. Drivers never complain about drs or any stuff. And yes there are many other racing happening at monza. If u point out that monza is one track where any other category of acing never happens then its the same case with belgium too and even monaco.these tracks are iconic. They add that extra spirit and enthusiasm to formula1.

  • Apex Assassin

    Maybe if Monza weren’t breaking laws and actually invested in the circuit instead of lining their own pockets this wouldn’t be an issue.

    As far as Ferrari leaving F1 because a local moron says they should, I laugh.

  • Neil

    should Monza get cut from the calendar, Ferrari might as well stop racing! nuff said!

  • Leo Rottweil

    Ecclestone is like Julius Caesar who extended his powers too far. Remember what happened to him?


  • Well

    People are so hypocritical. They always moan about the new tracks being boring, bad for overtaking yet Silverstone, Monza and Monaco are exactly that too.

    Nostalgia clouds people’s vision.

  • Forza Ferrari

    It would be a terrible tragedy if Monza was dropped from F1 calendar, but I don’t really believe that Ferrari would quit F1 because of that, although they might. I hope Monza will stay in F1 as long as F1 lasts and that everything will be settled. With Bernie’s greedy little hands in and stupid mind at play, no circuit is safe though.

  • fools

    Without Ferrari, F1 is gone.


  • bamza

    F ecclstone classless money grubbying little troll!!!!!!!!

  • bamza

    spot on leo

  • P.Thorpe

    So steffan has it spot on, and the rest of you are just chatting all kinds of trash…usual.