Alonso: We must remain calm and try to win, or finish in front of Sebastian

Fernando Alonso during the FIA press conference at Silverstone

Fernando Alonso during the FIA press conference at Silverstone

Fernando Alonso is keenly aware that he cannot sacrifice more points to championship leader Sebastian Vettel, if he is to seriously challenge for the 2013 title. He has made it quite clear that the objective for future races is to finish ahead of the Red Bull driver.

Speaking on the eve of the British Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone, Alonso said, “All the races are important for us given the position we are in now. We are 36 points behind the leaders, so there is not much room to lose more points. However, we must remain calm and try to win, or [at least] finish in front of Sebastian, or lose as few points as possible.”

“Last year in Monza, I had a 42 point lead over Sebastian at Monza (actually, Fernando’s memory is playing tricks on him, as his lead was 39! Ed) So to be 36 points down at this earlier point of the season is not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world,” mused the Ferrari driver.

In 2011 Alonso won the British GP. He believes that the team’s current F138 should be well suited to the high speed nature of Silverstone.

Fernando Alonso won the 2011 British GP

Fernando Alonso won the 2011 British GP

“This has been a good circuit for us in the past and we have been competitive for the last three or four years. After China and Bahrain, this is the best track so far for us, so I have high hopes for the weekend. However, Red Bull has been the dominant force here since ’09 and I expect Mercedes to be very close as well,” observed Alonso.

Tyres will again be a key factor, as they have been since the outset of the season, “This year has been dominated by tyre behaviour [issues], with some tracks suiting some cars and some suiting others. If you make the tyres work well and last properly, you have a better chance to win. Certainly, in the next couple of races, we need to up our game in terms of tyre preparation for Saturday and Sunday.”

Alonso spared a thought for Jose Froilan Gonzalez, who passed away recently. The Argentinian, known as the Pampas Bull, won Ferrari’s first F1 World Championship race at Silverstone back in 1951

“Sad news for Ferrari and the motorsport family. I remember after winning the race I spoke to [Gonzalez] on the telephone after the podium ceremony. At the time we dedicated that win to him, so this weekend, it would be nice to dedicate it again to his family –  it will be great to do a good job for him and all Ferrari fans.” (GP247)

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  • hillside

    so if Seb finished 12th, FA will be happy to finish in front of him at 11th.

  • Junior Johnson

    Haha lolz hillside that is very funny.You have such a good huemor me and you would be good frends

  • Spartacus

    And the prize for stating the obvious goes to….

    Alonso should take solace that he’s at the top of the list in the most over paid drivers in F1, just beating Hamilton.

  • MacStar227

    to finish infront of Seb is the right target going into this race regardless of position. this season is threatning to become a one man show and it seems like we should get used to seeing the famous finger!

  • F1 Neutral

    Unless Ferrari get the regulations perfect (a little like McLaren in 1998 and Brawn in 2009) next year, I don’t see Fernando winning a title for Ferrari, which is a shame.

    I know Alonso is trolled heavily on here, but if you remove him then Vettel will always seal the world championship many races before the end of the season. Alonso is the only driver that can keep the title alive.

    I do fear however, that he peaked in 2012. He drove superbly last year.