Vettel: I have no idea of the championship points

Sebastian Vettel taking the season race by race

Sebastian Vettel taking the season race by race

World champion Sebastian Vettel claims that he does not know, and does not care to know, what his points margin is at the top of the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship, to  Fernando Alonso, his main title rival.

The triple-consecutive championship winner is superstitious; he always slides a lucky coin under his boot laces, and gives his chassis a female name on the Wednesday before the first race of a season.

But he told British reporters on Wednesday that his deliberate efforts to avoid knowing the championship points situation is just “to keep things simple”.

German Vettel acknowledged that he knows he is in a “good position” in the current standings, but insists that he has no idea of the precise gap (36 points) or that Ferrari‘s Alonso is running second.

Sebastian Vettel after winning the Canadian GP

Sebastian Vettel after winning the Canadian GP

“If you ask me currently – and please don’t tell me – what’s your score? Who’s second or third in the title race? I don’t know,” he said.

“I am not entirely sure, but I think Fernando is second now because Kimi had a poor race in Canada, but I have no idea of the points.

“The first thing I do after a race when they give me the results is rip off the championship standing and focus on the rest because that’s what matters for the next race,” added Vettel.

“I am trying consciously to keep things simple. We have 20 races – if you manage to maximise all of those then you have a good chance of winning the championship in the end.”

Sebastian Vettel during the Canadian GP weekend

Sebastian Vettel during the Canadian GP weekend

Vettel explained that focusing only on the races, rather than the championship, is the right strategy to perform at his best.

“I’m not stupid,” he said, “but really right now the best is to focus race by race and if there is a gap, dive into it and don’t think twice.”

The 25-year-old also insisted that he doesn’t worry about rivals like Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, who always herald one another’s talents, but hail only Vettel’s Adrian Newey-designed Red Bull.

“Well, I’m not relying on their opinion,” said Vettel, who insists that he feels happy with his own performance since he leapt to the top in F1.

“I don’t think we have to hide,” he added. “We have shown enough more than once, not only if you look at championships but in many different races.” (GMM)

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  • Fairly Terrace

    What a load of rubbish! He knows everyone’s points, you can see that by how much he chokes every time his points gap isn’t comfortable (2010, 2012).

    He WISHES he didn’t know the points score, it might’ve have stopped him from trying to self destruct in Brazil last year (or Spa 2010).

    To be fair, Schuey used to have the same problem (except he could actually race!)

    Vettel is fast, but not a racer. He has around 30% more poles than wins.

    A racer (in the reliable, post-turbo, era of the last 20 years) has more wins than poles and can win when not on the front row!

    Gawd, Vettel is so full of himself and so full of Schmidt.

  • Uh what

    He has more poles and wins more from the front because he maximizes the potential of the car on Saturday.

    It is hilarious that his haters use that as a negative thing while it proves he is damn fast over a lap. Senna and Fangio had the same. In fact Fangio won almost all his races from pole or second. He must have been a bad ‘racer’ too.

    And Hamilton never won a race below 4th, Vettel 3rd, so Hamilton must be a bad racer too.

  • Steve

    @fairly terrace you are a tosspot!

    Wtf are you on about in 2010 he never led the championship and in 2012 the only one that choked was Fernando with such a large lead going into the summer break!

  • MacStar227

    Vettel you’re a beast, the only one capable of breaking Schumi’s records and those of others.

  • johnpierre

    does any one with half a brain believe this load of red bull cr*p? seb should have the good sense to not say things like this, even it some how it is the truth.

  • Tinto

    Interesting recent comments from Alonso and Lewis in, praising fantastic Vettel! Mind games? Of course not, they know who are they talking about.

    This guy indeed will break all records if he retires @37 like Webber. 12 more years to go, plenty of time for his non-fans ;)

    However my humble opinion that we are going to hear more of Vettel in other car racing sports or business area. This guy is managing his business by himself and wants more from racing.