FIA moves to clarify Pirelli test procedures

Formula One World Championship

In the fallout of the ‘test-gate’ saga, Formula 1’s governing body has moved to clear up its procedures regarding tyre testing when requested of teams by Pirelli.

While Mercedes was banned from the forthcoming young driver test and Pirelli reprimanded over their secret Barcelona test in May, the FIA also resolved to ensure its own “control of the testing is strengthened”.

Indeed, as Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport reported on Thursday, Pirelli has not been banned from tyre testing with F1 teams – even if 2013 cars are used.

But a number of strict conditions now apply and have been made clear to the teams, correspondent Michael Schmidt said.

“One condition is that the [test] team and Pirelli have to prove that the test is organised, carried out and paid for by Pirelli.

“Another is that Pirelli needs to send a precise test plan to the FIA, a fortnight before the test is to take place. If the FIA accepts it, they will send an observer to the site.

“The other teams cannot refuse the test, but they can send observers, and the test and tyre data must remain in the possession of Pirelli and not be communicated to the test team,” he added. (GMM)

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  • Sadly Mercedes did everything that will be controlled

    Sadly Mercedes did everything that the FIA says they will control including getting data from Pirelli from their illegal test.

    Mercedes reputation will forever be tarnished because of Ross Brawn, Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda.

    I hope the Mercedes V-6 F1 engine ends up being the dog of the show next year. That would be fitting for the Cheating Mercedes team.

  • grat

    You got any proof that Mercedes got the test data? I’m pretty sure that would have fallen under “acted in bad faith”, which Mercedes was cleared of.

    Now, Ferrari’s testing, on the other hand….

  • Hawk

    I think this guy has lost it. I mean “Sadly………..”
    he is so obssessed. cant you have a name like all of us? ofcourse its clear that you are related to either BMW, or Renault, or whatever… but stop being a coward