Brawn slams reaction by rival teams over FIA tribunal verdict

Ross Brawn with the Mercedes legal team during the FIA tribunal in Paris

Ross Brawn with the Mercedes legal team during the FIA tribunal in Paris

Mercedes Formula 1 team principal Ross Brawn has hit back at Red Bull‘s “spin”, after the reigning world champions said that sitting out the young driver test next month “will not hurt” Mercedes.

At the end of the recent ‘test-gate’ hearing, the FIA tribunal banned Mercedes from attending next month’s test for rookie drivers at Silverstone.

But Red Bull’s Helmut Marko said that is “hardly a penalty at all”.

“You can’t really try anything in the young drivers test,” he said. “The drivers at the wheel are just learning about F1, while Mercedes had three days [in Barcelona] with their regular drivers.”

However, team boss Brawn has hit back at Marko’s claims by insisting that missing the test is in fact “significant”.

“To downgrade the test and to make out it is not significant is not correct, and just an attempt by teams concerned to distort the facts,” he is quoted by the Telegraph. “I think we have a very tangible loss.”

Brawn suggested that missing Silverstone will not simply equalise Mercedes’ advantage of having run with race drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg with the 2013 car at Barcelona in May.

“It is a different league quite frankly to have a three day test, over 1500 km with new parts, with race tyres that are those we race,” he said.

“It is unfortunate the spin that some teams are putting on the punishment that it is not significant.”

Brawn’s view is even backed by Jonathan Neale, the managing director of the similarly Mercedes-powered McLaren team.

“With the paucity of track testing that we have at the moment, missing the young driver test is obviously problematic,” he told reporters in a Vodafone teleconference.

“[Mercedes] will be sorry to miss it.”

Nonetheless, even serving the ‘test-gate’ penalties will likely not end the finger-pointing at Mercedes, with Hamilton admitting that a good result this weekend will be inevitably traced back to the highly controversial test.

“People will jump to conclusions I am sure,” he is quoted by British newspapers.

“We have had a couple of positive races because those circuits have been easier on tyres. That’s just made it look like we have had a benefit from the Pirelli test,” added the 2008 world champion. (GMM)

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  • Richard Piers

    They should all “reserve their counsel”. They got away by the skin of their teeth and whilst it would obviously be beneficial to do the YDT they’ve been extremely lucky and should now zip it !

  • Plooky

    A lot of really smart people said Merc acted in good faith and deserve little punishment so accept that verdit or shut up!

  • Mercedes did not act in good faith, but instead manipulated the system

    Mercedes did not act in good faith. They manipulated the system by fishing for an answer knowing full well they going to violate the rules by doing that test.

    Then Mercedes threatened to pull out of Formula One if they were given a tough penalty. I say who cares if Mercedes pulled out. This is one reason why having manufactures involved in Formula One as constructors and engine suppliers is a very bad thing.

    Mercedes just proved they will use their position as a constructor and engine supplier to black mail the FIA.

    Mercedes reputation has been forever damaged because of their Formula One team and Ross Brawn, Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda. I hope the Mercedes share holders make enough noise that Mercedes ends up having to leave Formula One as both a constructor and engine supplier.

    Mercedes has brought shame upon themselves and Formula One damaging both.

  • Mercedes is now crying for a testing clamp down

    This is rich, Mercedes through Ross Brawn are now crying saying the FIA needs to crack down on testing.

    It seems now that Mercedes has been found guilty of breaking the testing rules and got the data they needed to fix their tire eating problems on their 2013 car they now want to FIA to crack down on teams testing.

    Mercedes leads the way for unethical behavior, first they do an illegal test than they want the FIA to crack down on testing so other teams will be handicapped.

    Hey Mercedes here is a suggestion, why don’t you drop out of Formula One because you have not only forever damage Mercedes reputation but you have also damaged Formula One as a whole.

    So Please Mercedes pull out of Formula One as a team and as an engine supplier.

  • Lol.

    Can you please just decide on a username already?

  • realf1fan

    Ross Brawn is the Daddy, he saw a loophole and exploited it a bit like what Horner and Newey do on the technical side of F1.

    If Horner was as smart as Brawn he would have seen the clear loopholes in the FIA contract with Pirelli and then he would not have turned down Pirelli’s offer to them regards testing claiming it was illegal.

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