Marussia boss says team not treated fairly

Graeme Lowdon

Graeme Lowdon

Marussia is not racing on a level playing field in Formula 1, team chief executive Graeme Lowdon has told the Guardian newspaper.

It emerged earlier this year that Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone decided to limit the official prize money to only the top ten teams, explaining why Marussia was not offered a new commercial deal for 2013.

Additionally, an extra $10 million per year paid until now to the new teams Caterham, Marussia and the now-defunct HRT was cancelled.

Lowdon complained: “All we ask for is a level playing field. We are not asking for much.”

He said the lack of income is compounded by the Formula 1 teams’ current business model, with exorbitant spending translating into marginal laptime gains.

“You can buy success, to some extent,” said Lowdon. “Most teams, if they have money, will spend it and, if you spend everything you have and then find out you are not getting it, you have a problem.

“All teams should be treated equally. [However,] for whatever reason, that does not seem to be the case.” (GMM)

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  • This why Bernie must go

    This is why Bernie must go. This team is building and improving each year and they are doing it with a very small budget.

    Bernie is hurting Formula One these days.

    Formula One already has a huge black eye from the Mercedes cheating scandal that they were found to be guilty of and than only received a slap on the wrist. It Marussia was the team that had done the test you can bet they would have banned for the rest of the season.

    I hope Marussia some how scores a point this year and Caterham gets beat by them. Just Marussia beating Caterham shows how corrupt Bernie and his company CVC is.

  • McLarenfan

    Marussia is right and at present they are showing Caterham that they should be half a second ahead of Marussia with the Renault power and the KERS that they have had for a full season more than Marussia. But despite this advantage Marussia with a Ford Sierra engine and a bolt on KERS kit are proving to be a better bet.
    Bernie Ecclestone it is time to put your hands in your pocket and if necessary stop your daughters from buying shoes for a week and give these teams some financial incentive to keep moving forwards rather than keeping some poncy shoe designer in Mocha Latte’s.

  • Butterfly 2.0

    “if necessary stop your daughters from buying shoes for a week”

    That one made me laugh!

    F1 is an expensive sport. It’s up to each team to bring their own success. If they can’t then it’s time for them to step aside and allow another team in to F1.

    If Marussia could suggest ways that spending in F1 could be limited and still keep the essence of the sport I’d like to hear their suggestions.