Hamilton: My mind was clouded, but now I feel good and am really happy

Lewis Hamilton looking forward to his home race

Lewis Hamilton is in a good frame of mind and looking forward to his home race

Lewis Hamilton has put trials and tribulations behind him and is raring to make his first British Grand Prix appearance for Mercedes this weekend in a car he says is better than last year’s McLaren.

With McLaren yet to finish higher than fifth this season, after winning seven races in 2012, the 2008 Formula 1 World  Champion has no regrets about the move to Mercedes that many were still questioning only months ago.

He heads for Silverstone as one of four British drivers but the one with the best chance of victory, Mercedes already having  won in Monaco thanks to Germany’s Nico Rosberg. They have also been on pole four times in seven races.

“I feel like I have a better car this year so I think we should be more competitive than we were last year,” he told reporters at the Mercedes factory, a short drive from Silverstone.

“It is definitely closer [to being able to win] than what I have had for a couple of years, so I am looking forward to seeing what the car can do,” he added. “I think the car will go really well here.”

Lewis Hamilton in Canada

Lewis Hamilton in Canada

Two clouds that hung over Hamilton at the last race in Canada have lifted. One was personal and the other was an international tribunal that could have imposed heavy sanctions on his team for a “secret” tyre test with Pirelli.

Last week’s hearing handed Mercedes a reprimand and ordered them to miss a young driver test in July, but neither punishment will have much impact on Hamilton or Rosberg.

In Montreal Hamilton had seemed abrupt and distant, telling reporters he had “things” on his mind, but on Tuesday he was relaxed again.

“I feel good. I am really happy,” he said. “My mind was a bit clouded [in Canada], [although] it didn’t really affect my weekend in terms of performance and being able to do the job, but I feel good. And I am looking forward to this weekend and just getting on with it.

“I can’t wait until Friday…And I am on the simulator tomorrow so I get to really focus on trying to nail the set-up, so we start on the right foot during the weekend.”

Lewis Hamilton fans will be out in force at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton fans will be out in force at Silverstone

Hamilton, who was at McLaren in 2007 when the Woking team were fined a record $100 million and stripped of all their constructors’ points for a spying controversy, said that he had not allowed the tribunal to unsettle him.

“I tried my best not to give it much thought. [Team principal] Ross [Brawn] kept me in the loop and I’d get an email here and there from the lawyer explaining where we were,” he said.

“Of course, when I saw the team at the weekend it was a relief for everyone…that they could get on and start focusing on the next race. And I’m happy as well.”

Hamilton said the team was doing a great job, adding: “We’ve got into a good position so far and if we can get into an even better one that would be fantastic. They have been working so hard to get the results that we’ve had, a negative result was not needed.”

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 British GP

Lewis Hamilton won the 2008 British GP

Although Hamilton would not have taken part in the young driver test, he said the lack of it would be a setback.

The test is the sole chance during the season for teams to try out new developments.

“That does suck a little bit,” said the Briton of the team’s exclusion. “It’s important because we had a lot planned, upgrades and stuff, on those three days.

“It’s also vital for the [reserve] drivers who are always on the simulator to test the tyres, and where they are, and come back in here and feed back so they continue working on developments and improving the simulator.

“It definitely puts us back a little bit but we’re going to have to try to figure out a way to recover it elsewhere.” (Reuters)

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  • lol

    Seems like the PR management had a firm talk with him and how it is damaging to his Hamilton brand to look like a spilt lil brat all the time.

    Not to mention, looking like he wants to leave Mercedes because his teammate has a win and 3 poles.

  • fools

    All of a Sudden?

    I like LH but sometimes he can be bi-polar or the media does a fantastic job making us think that he is.

    Hoping he can just race and race. MEDIA/DRAMA

  • nakagoli

    This chap does not know what he is saying! He is prepared to have Vettel as a teammate. (Does Vettel want him?). Then he wants to drive for Ferrari, then he wants to beat Rosberg……… Yes, his mind IS clouded OK!

  • Marchin

    How fascinating . . . .

  • Plops

    @nakagoli, Lewis wants more than one thing. Beat Rosberg now. Drive for Ferrari one day. Take on Vettel if the chance comes up. Hardly clouded thinking.

  • fools

    Media always hyping and dramatizing LH.


  • Don

    he’s asked if he’d team up with drivers or another team and he welcomes the challenge and he is happy with merc, sounds to me as if he thinking about his future in as an positive attitude possible. Great for F1. Look at Raikonem, he came back into F1 and is happy without the politics of a top team, he also said he’d partner any driver in any team.

  • Gordo

    So Vettel is going to Mercedes? The Hamster has just arrived at merc and he talking utter BS. Who does he want to drive for? He’s all over the map. Take this advice: shutup and do your mumbojumbo on the track. By the way Yalla: beautiful photo of the Hamster.

  • the fan

    i feel so sorry for this guy, he’s certainly has the skills and talent to win multiple championships yet his mentality is nowhere near his positive traits. causing him to miss on a lot of success.

  • pillio

    Lewis is still the No. 1 DRAMA QUEEN

  • AssClown

    7 Seasons ago i was told this guy was more Senna than Senna and would win multiple titles and he could be the best ever. Now in 2013, the only multiple titles he has, is in excuses.

  • Patagrande

    Neuro boy makes Woody Allen look sane.

    He should exercise the golden rule, brain first mouth last.

  • johnpierre

    i for one have never been a lewis fan per say, i have however always been of fan of his racing. he is a true fighter. finds room to pass when none exists. and when his car is well balanced is just as good over one lap as vettel. btw the last 10 laps in montreal was great racing between hamilton and alonso. i recently posted about their rivalry and how it has gone from enemies to respected peers. amerf1can.com

  • Hawk

    Stupid haters.
    i have gone through the article again and again but I do not see him say anything on Red Bull, Vettel, other drivers…
    and instead of concentrating on his performance in Montreal, the press goes for his mood.. anything negative or perceived to be.

    only one thing the Merc is better than this year’s McLaren but not last year’s relatively. Surprisingly of late Macca has struggled at Silverstone.

  • realf1fan

    Now Lewis is focused I’m afraid Nico will go the same way as Alonso and Button.

    A focused Lewis would beat any driver in any era in the same car that includes the likes of Clark,Senna etc.

  • Butterfly 2.0

    I’d agree. I think he’s able, when focused, to beat any driver. He is that good.

    Unfortunately, and I take no joy in this, he’s been distracted and unfocused since getting a taste of the celebrity lifestyle.

  • Ahmed

    Somehow I don’t think hamilton specifically said tht th W04 is better thn th mp4-27. Any f1 fan wouldn kno thts nt th case just frm watching a race unfold. Seems hamilton is just th guy tht th media loves to hate, thr are mre articles regarding his moods and what’s on his mind thn articles relating to racing.

  • Ahmed

    Would* know

  • Ukwhite

    Lewis beating everybody in the same car? Wishful thinking… You are what you are, in the end the results matter, nothing else. That does not come up after a few times wins, but through hard, consistent and smart work. A good car really matters, but mastering it is what really separate a Vettel from all of them.

  • realf1fan

    Why is it wishful thinking? He finished above a 2xwdc in his rookie season, he finished above a the 2009 wdc twice and he is now beating the conquer of Schumacher and all in the same car which sensible F1 fans know’s is the most accurate way to compare drivers.

    And if it is results that matter why is the most successful F1 driver ever statistically not regarded as the best F1 driver ever? Because sensible F1fans looks at the bigger picture just as Vettel’s success has been down to Newey so Schumi’s success was down to another great engineer who was with him at Benetton and Ferrari, the great Rory Byrne.

  • Spartacus

    Hamilton’s rookie season said a lot about both him and his team mate Alonso. Quite simply Alonso couldn’t cope with a competitive driver. And Hamilton’s arrival was a breath of fresh air that raised the bar for every subsequent rookie.

    Fast out of the box, and trouncing a 2x WDC with ease. It really laid down markers for both drivers. The new, and the old.

  • Hawk

    you are a real f1 fan, not the pretenders you are responding to