Valencia surprised that Barcelona is selling 2014 tickets

Valensia hosted a grand prix in 2012

Valensia hosted a grand prix in 2012

Valencia’s regional government has expressed surprise at news that Spanish Grand Prix venue Barcelona is selling tickets for the race in 2014.

It had been reported that regional presidents Alberto Fabra (of Valencia) and Artur Mas (of Catalunya) had agreed to annually alternate the hosting of a single Spanish Formula 1 race, starting with Valencia in 2014.

But EFE news agency reports that tickets for a 2014 Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya are now being sold.

“In principle the alternating agreement is still alive and in force,” said Valencia vice president, Jose Ciscar.

“The verbal agreement between Mr Fabra and Mr Mas is to be met, and I do not have the slightest doubt that the Catalan government will comply,” he added.

As for why Barcelona is selling tickets for 2014, Ciscar answered: “If they are doing that, you will have to ask Catalunya as to why.”

He admitted, however, that an actual contract to formalise the Valencia / Barcelona alternation is not yet signed, because negotiations with F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone are still taking place regarding the race fee. (GMM)

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  • Butterfly 2.0

    I hope F1 never returns to Valencia. Boring races that could be held with more exciting in my local multistory car park.

  • Who cares

    No Valencia!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    The best part of the race was when they showed the camera feed from that pool overlooking turn 1 every couple of laps…

  • Spartacus

    All based upon a “verbal agreement”. I’m sure it was the Spanish equivalent of “yeah, right”!

    Both Spanish races aren’t the most exciting in F1 so to be honest I think the F1 fan wouldn’t miss either of them.