Sutil: No contact from Lewis since Monaco attempt to heal rift

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 and Adrian Sutil

Lewis Hamilton with Adrian Sutil in Monaco

Adrian Sutil insists his friendship with Lewis Hamilton remains strained, despite the 2008 Formula 1 World Champion saying at Monaco a month ago that he wanted to “get together” with the German and become “good friends” once again.

The pair, close friends since their days in F3, split acrimoniously in 2011 when Hamilton refused to appear as a witness in Force India driver Sutil’s criminal trial for assault.

But when asked if they had indeed put their friendship back together, Sutil told the Kolner Express newspaper: “He said in Monaco that he wanted to return to having a reasonable relationship. But since then there hasn’t been anything,” added Sutil.

“If he does something, we will discuss what there is to discuss,” the 30-year-old continued. “But it will remain private.”

Sutil said that he had learned lessons from the events of the past couple of years, including “who his real friends are”.

Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton (pictured here in 2005) were mates in their junior years

Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton (pictured here in 2005) were mates in their junior years

“There are always disappointments in life,” he said, “but you learn from them, like finding out who are the people who are really sincere.

“I have no problem if someone says to me ‘I don’t like you’. At least that’s honest.”

Returning to the issue of Hamilton, Sutil was asked about the Mercedes driver’s apparent claim that he is among the very best in F1.

“If you say you’re the best,” Sutil said, “it’s the beginning of the end. Because if you believe that, you stop working on yourself.

“No one is perfect,” he added. “Is [Hamilton] the best? He was world champion, but that was some years ago.

“Who is the best? Sebastian Vettel – he [has been] world champion three times in a row and he’s still going.

“What Sebastian is doing now is probably more difficult than it is to [win the title] for the first time,” said Sutil. (GMM)

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  • Spartacus

    Sometimes you’re just better off not bothering to repair an old friendship. People move on, Hamilton is history, concentrate on the future.

  • realf1fan

    Sutil needs to move on, i cant see what he expected from Lewis regards his conviction for GBH. Surly he did not expect Lewis to perjure himself as Sutil was convicted on video evidence.

  • What

    realf1fan, so when your best friend stabs you in the back while he could have helped you, and he totally stops all contact with you, you just pretend your friend is still cool?

    No, Hamilton is a backstabber, a liar, a fake. Someone that drops his best friend while he could have helped (and many sources claim also Hamilton could have helped in the case, but he didnt because of the publicity and his brand), cannot eb trusted in anything nor does he desereve any form of respect.

    Friendships come first….careers much later.

  • realf1fan

    what, how could Lewis have helped Sutil? I supposed he could have said that Sutil did not glass Eric Lux even though there was video evidence eh?

    I do think Lewis changing his mobile number was a bit naughty as he would have known Sutil was trying to get hold of him pre the trial but i can well understand Lewis distancing himself from someone who could commit such a violent act.

  • nakagoli

    What is a “heeling rift”?

  • What

    realf1fan, there is no video that proves anything but a scuffle, why are you making up stuff?

    Many people claimed all Sutil needed was a witness that backed up what he said. Hamilton was the only witness that could have backed him up, he dropped Sutil, his best friend, like a brick.

    The case was not about if there was an injury, it was about if it was a deliberate move or not. He needed 1 witness to confirm it was not deliberate. There were not many witnesses to what happened, just a couple and Hamilton was one of them. So it was Sutil’s word against 3 (2 of them friends of the guy who was hurt…you know…friends that backed him…friends).

    You are making up stuff to defend your idol. Anyone who drops his best friend like that or makes up stuff to attack someone, is a lowlife.

  • Lol.

    The important point we’re forgetting here is at the end of the day, he glassed a team owner.

    Of course he did it on purpose. I suppose the glass accidentally broke itself in sutil’s hand, danced over to lopez’s shoulder and put a pretty smile on his neck all by itself, did it?

    No level of provokation is worthy of that level of assault.

    While my opinion of Hamilton is that he is a complete waste of oxygen, I think sutil fans need to open their eyes and see what he is – a violent thug, lucky to escape jail let alone stay in f1.

  • hillside

    LH has more to loose than to gain in this bromance

  • MacStar227

    Who needs Sutil when you have Roscoe?

  • JPSmoove

    @MacStar227 Dog-on right! :-)

  • Bobby Yarr

    As some other posters have implied, this is the main reason Hamilton got a dog–because he has no friends.

    Thanks to his sparkling management team, the only people he sees are people with their hands out, all of them willing to be his friends or his girlfriend so long as doles out his cash to them.

    I used to really like Lewis when he first came to the F1 scene, but no more. He’s more interested in being a vapid celebrity than a sportsman for the ages.

  • Ass Clown

    Come on Sutil, Hammy has a new girl now. Move on