Hamilton: Since I won my title I’ve never had a car to compete since then

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton moved to Mercedes for 2013, after six years with McLaren

Six months after he left McLaren, it is clear that bad blood remains between Lewis Hamilton and the legendary British team as they fire lightly disguised disparaging remarks at each other.

Over the winter, as the 2008 world champion left the Woking based squad that nurtured him from boyhood, strong rumours of a fall out between Hamilton and team ‘supremo’ Ron Dennis swirled.

Those rumours were not silenced this week, when McLaren Group chairman Dennis – although no longer the Formula 1 team boss – hit out at an ‘unnamed’ former McLaren driver for having lost focus.

“Some people lost sight of what the objective is,” he said.

“When you lost sight of what you are doing, then you lost sight of what it takes to be a world champion,” Dennis charged.

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning his 2008 World Championship title with the McLaren team in Brazil

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning his 2008 World Championship title with the McLaren team in Brazil

At the same time, 28-year-old Hamilton admitted that he decided to leave McLaren because he felt he was “wasting away” his best chances of adding to his tally of a single world title.

“One [title] is less prestigious now because so many people have won a championship,” he is quoted by the Sun newspaper.

“Now the people who have two or three or four, [that is what] makes you special.

“I got to Formula 1 and nearly won in my first year, then I won in my second year but I’ve never had a car to really compete since then.”

“The car makes such a big difference so you’re just wasting away your best years,” added Hamilton. (GMM)

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  • pillio

    That’s because Lewis was NOT the REAL champion in 2008.
    It was MASSA

  • Alex

    Lewis should be grateful that he has one WDC. It was only due to Ferrari’s error in Singapore 2008, by stuffing Massa’s pit stop (leaving the fuel hose stuck in his car) and costing him a certain win, which would have won Massa the Championship, let alone other Massa retirements due to reliability, and Hamilton one by 1 point despite having a better car.
    Maclaren, apart from 2009 have always had one of the fastest cars on the grid, so please Hamilton stop making it sound like you were driving a mid field car. Yes Maclaren had reliability problems last year, but they had the fastest car for the majority of 2012. Top drivers dont whinge they help in developing a car and get the job done!

  • realf1fan

    Any driver/drivers who put themselves in the mix over a 19 race campaign deserve what ever luck or strategy call they get come seasons end.

    Philip Prew must be given credit for telling Lewis over the radio in that epic last lap in 2008 ” Glock will come to you” the rest is history and the records show/states Hamilton the real and only 2008 WDC.

    As for Hammi not having a competitive car the 2010 challenger was capable of winning that year and if not for arrogance from Hammi in Italy quali thinking he could go with less down force than his teammate and having a nightmare in qualli dropping him down the grid causing him to attempt that ridiculous pass on Massa. That was the start of a end for Lewis with other brain fart moves that season.

    The 2011season Lewis just did not realize that he had to treat the Pirelli’s tires with respect and tried to race like he did on the Bridgestones, and as for 2012 season the words of the team principal said it all really “we let Lewis down”. So for me both Lewis and Mclaren have to take the blame for the team not landing another 2 WDC.

  • Lol.

    This is exactly why I hate him.

    So, in 2007 his car was uncompetitive was it? Oh yeah, could have sworn he threw away his title by crashing in the pitlane.

    2010, he threw it away.

    2011, comprehensively beaten by Jenson Button.

    2012, a combination of driver errors and poor reliability threw any success away.

    2013, walked into mercedes expecting to be top dog, and despite having 2 retirements rosberg is a mere 20 points behind, having won before Lewis.

    Then he has the audacity to claim it’s the car’s fault.

    Is it any wonder he’s so widely loathed?

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    You mean that since Hamilton met Nicole Scherzinger he’s never been the same racing driver? Wonder why not.

  • Ahmed

    Nothin more entertaing thn th hamilton haters club :D

  • KevinW

    I don’t hate Hamilton, I just don’t believe he is the super star he has himself baked up to be in his own mind. He’s about what he’s been, 4th to 5th best since day one. His early success came at a time when the field was a lot weaker than it is now. Schumacher was on his way out, Alonso was having a hard time finding a good home, while Kimi was phoning it in at random races… Enter Vettel – who has beaten Lewis every season since being moved to RB. Alonso has beaten him every year since moving to Ferrari – in a generally inferior car, and matched Lewis in the same car in 2007 in a caustic environment partly caused by the rookie Lewis. I enjoy watching Lewis race when he bothers to do so. I’m sick of his rock-star Diva act. I prefer the hyper focused drivers over the focused on hype drivers myself – which is why Vettel is a champ on more than one level, and too often Lewis isn’t.

  • Lol.

    While I didn’t write that, I would laugh a hell of a lot if she did.

  • Donna

    Seb may have a great car (so does Mark, just saying) but he also seems more focused on driving than anything else. He doesn’t have a manager while Lewis has entertainment’s most elite. You never see pictures of Seb & his girlfriend plastered all over the Internet but Lewis & Nicole are a hot topic.

    Maybe Lewis needs to focus on the business of racing & put his other “loves” on the back burner for a while. Or he could just be a one-hit-wonder, the 21st century Jacques Villeneuve.

  • Howard

    Lewis Hamilton is a fantastic driver!!!
    There will always be jealous people in this world we live in.

  • Hawk

    yeah the haters club so obssessed that they are always looking for such articles to pour out their odium and bigotry
    guys just get a life

  • Dave

    The only person responsible for Hamilton’s lack of championships is Lewis Hamilton himself.
    I have been a fan of Formula One for over thirty years and have seen them come and go.
    I know of only one other driver who matches Hamilton at being a whiner. That driver was Alain Prost. Hamilton can cry all he wants but the facts are the facts. Generally when a true champion sees himself in a slump he does all he can to up his game and concentrate on what is truly important,
    I believe that Hamilton has failed in this respect. He is a person who truly believes the hype in the British press holding him in unjust high esteem This has affected his performances as it gives him a false sense of superiority