Is Red Bull using illegal traction control?

Traction control?

A photo has emerged which some believe is clear evidence that world champions Red Bull are using illegal ‘traction control’ aboard its championship race winning RB9 car.

“Bumps or traction control?” a report by Italy’s Autosprint said.

The photo shows Mark Webber’s car  exiting a corner in Canada and leaving rubber marks on the track due to wheel spin.

But, apparently moments into the wheel spin, the rubber marks become dotted, as if to depict the kicking-in of a form of traction control, which is not allowed in Formula 1.

The photo was sent in by a reader, who admitted that the dotted wheel spin marks may also have been caused by a phenomenon of resonance in the rear suspension.

“Anyway, the image is worth reporting,” the Autosprint story read. (GMM)

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  • Wardski

    That “phenomenon of resonance in the rear suspension” is commonly called wheel hop.. Typical fkin Italian magazines creating rubbish and more rubbish.

    If you want proof these cars aren’t running TC, take a look at Vettel’s qually lap in the “onboard” video on the official forumula 1 website. Nothing but wheel spin out of every corner.. If TC was at play, there would be almost zero wheel spin…

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    And they say Mercedes is the bad guys for testing… They are the bad guys too for using an illegal traction control..

  • Urko

    Wasn’t RBR last year (Valencia & prior) using engine mappings that simulate something similar to TC.

  • Ronnie

    Chassis tuned to perfection exhibits mechanical wheel hop. Notice earlier out of corner there is wheel spin then there is wheel hop. This is a car they have got really well tuned and balanced. The others could learn a lot from that setup.

  • john brink

    If Mark had hit the rev limiter would that not have the same effect

  • L

    Anyone who thinks that is TC is a simpleton or someone who just wants to hate on RBR.

    Watch the starts or burnouts, there are many marks like that. In fact, Rosberg had the exact same one in the same race.

    It’s oscilation.

    And traction control does not leave any marks. That’s the point of traction control…traction.

  • Adam22

    I thought traction control would have gap marks in the beginning of take off, is mark webber reversing with TC? Hmm but the car is pointing the other way?

  • iMark

    italian media, italian media everywhere. Reminds me of spanish media after interlagos 2012. Spanish/Italian, which racer is span…? Aight, makes sense.

  • fools

    They sure are.

    :) Cheats

  • Kenneth

    Why don’t question Ferrari got the TC system? Italian media

  • fools

    The best article thus far explaining how RedBull uses TC.

  • fools
  • Butterfly

    Ferrari has the best traction control. Alonso is using it brilliantly at the moment!

  • fools

    Trolls on there own page. LMFAO


  • fools

    We all know Ferrari has been cheating for years, especially with those weird starts they have, but I love it. My team can cheat all they want, GO ALONSO!

  • Leo Rottweil

    Clearly Red Bull are cheating, just like they cheated last year. And what does Ferrari have to do with this? Is the magazine called Ferrari Magazine? Don’t give me the crap that because it’s Italian it’s associated with Ferrari.

    @Adam, as the article suggests, it may be that this particular TC will activate at certain wheel speeds, therefore the initial wheel spin marks before activation (the wheel spin happens very quickly and leaves a long solid mark), and then oscillation happens as the TC is activated and reactivated rapidly several times. This is how TC feels like in my car, so it’s not that far off of a reasonable explanation.

  • Butterfly

    Alonso makes me horny.

  • M

    “Anyone who thinks that is TC is a simpleton or someone who just wants to hate on RBR.”

    A typical F1 fan, in other words.

  • M

    “Clearly Red Bull are cheating, just like they cheated last year.”

    I hate to interject any reality into your pleasant dreamland, but Red Bull did not cheat last year.

  • PB

    I am certain that if TC was deployed that the FIA Technical team and or the scrutineers would have picked it up by now. If this is related to an engine mapping then FIA Tech team will be all over it.

  • Matthys Strydom

    @ Steve. The assumption is then that Seb also builds his own car all by himself….

  • Tumusiime

    Italian conspiracy! Am smelling all red here!!

  • KevinW

    Does anyone here actually know how traction control works under acceleration? It seems not from the comments. There is no condition using traction control where the tires would chatter like is shown in the image, none, nada. That would be a stupid way to do it, and would require visible components within the car to make it happen, like a clutch modulation pump gizmo similar to the pump for ABS brakes, but in reverse. The idea that you would map the throttle to create such marks is complete lunacy, as there is nothing to be gained over just trimming torque by simple ignition timing adjustment, and a lot to be lost in the form of broken cranks and gearboxes. Tire oscillation that causes the marks shown are common with soft tall sidewall tires, stiff suspensions, and track wash-boarding – NOT traction control of any type, secret or not. I am betting data shows this instance to be caused by condition of crap tires and a slightly under-damped suspension setting – aggravated by track condition – end of story.

  • dikkop

    Kev, you’re right but don’t waste your time to explain it to these idiots :p. And don’t you think the tires would have wore out even faster than is the case now if they used TC?

  • kph33

    Cars do not jump under acceleration. If that were a braking area, I could maybe see it being wheel hop under lock-up. Those patches would be solid under acceleration, even if there were light undulation, which I doubt there was much of, considering that is the inside of corner exit, and would get very little wear.