Dennis: Some people lost sight of what the objective is

Happier days: Lewis Hamilton celebrates with Ron Dennis after winning the 2008 Monaco GP

Happier days: Lewis Hamilton celebrates with Ron Dennis after winning the 2008 Monaco GP

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s recent revelation that he has ‘stuff on his mind’ and admitted that he needed to knuckle down and focus on himself, his mentor and former boss Ron Dennis has apparently had a swipe at the driver who won the 2008 F1 championship for McLaren.

Dennis is quoted by La Repubblica, “Some people lost sight of what the objective is. When you’ve lost sight of what you are doing, then you’ve lost sight of what it takes to be a world champion.”

Recently Hamilton said of his former team, “I have a very good relationship with Martin [Whitmarsh], and also Ron [Dennis].”

Despite what Hamilton says, reports suggest that Dennis and Hamilton had a big fall out in 2012, their sixth and final season together.

Lewis Hamilton with mate Roscoe

Lewis Hamilton with mate Roscoe

In his first months as a Mercedes driver, Hamilton has been visibly morose and subdued and in Canada tried to explain, “I don’t settle for anything but the best and wins; I still haven’t got a win, Nico has won a race, so I need to get a win.”

“What I’m projecting is not disappointment, I’ve just got stuff on my mind,” said Hamilton of his demeanour.

“I just have to focus on myself and try and get my shit together,” he told reporters after the Monaco Grand Prix.

Meanwhile Jenson Button has come up in support of his former teammate, “Lewis is incredibly fast. But the same is as true for him as it is for the rest of us – if he doesn’t have a balance in the car that suits him, that he got used to over many years, then it’s not easy.

“Lewis has not lost his speed. It’s still there,” Button added. ”He will come back and shock everybody.” (GMM & Apex)

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  • The Real Not Bernie

    Ron knows that Lewis isn’t the same focused and fast driver that he signed all those years ago. Once McLaren find a quick driver again they’ll be back on top.

    It remains to be seen if Lewis can ditch his celebrity lifestyle and return to what he was made famous for – Driving.

  • Urko

    Maybe Ron was talking about some people at McL and not Lewis per se. Cos lets be honest, in 2012 it was McL that fckd up championship and not Lewis.

  • Ronnie

    Poor little rich boy with the earrings and the makeup. We are supposed to feel sorry?

  • Butterfly

    Ron’s angry because Lewis gave him the finger and walked away and now McLaren are stuck with two rubbish drivers. Plus, Lewis took the tech director with him. Ron must be boiling over.

    But the old man has himself to blame, really. A true control freak, never let Lewis keep his trophies, way too many PR activities. Didn’t want to give him the money he asked, then after leaving he said that money was never a problem.

    I read somewhere that the McLaren board – especially the arab members – are fed up with Ron and his dreams.

    Every time something bad happens over there, Ron comes up and says it was planned all along, all is well, it’s actually great.

    What a truly messed-up dude.

  • Ahmed

    Ron can’t be blaming hamilton, 2008 he won th championship. 2009 ws a dog of a car, 2010 and moreso 2011 red bull ws untouchable. 2012 mclaren thru away th title, had th car not given up in so mant races and if thy didn’t underfuel him in barcelona and throw away so many points awahy in th pitstops hamilton would be world champ. 2013’s car makes th 2009 dog look like a championship winning car. Clearly ron should get th rest of his team in order n nt try n run hamiltons name thru a smeer campaign

  • Butterfly

    Alonso would beat Hamilton at McLaren!

  • RacerX

    Hamilton lucked into the 2008 championship. Had it not been for crash gate and the luck in the last race in Brazil- Massa would have been the WDC.
    Whatever you see in Hamilton, I just don’t get it.

  • Eevel

    Well said Butterfly and Ahmed – McLaren haven’t delivered and it’s certainly not because of Lewis!
    Was it Singapore last year when Lewis was far off in the lead when he broke down?
    Scenes like that were so frustrating!
    Whitmarsh seems completely useless to me, a top team should not be satisfied to have Button and Perez of all people behind the wheel and why they didn’t go with an evolution of last years car is unfathomable to me!
    They may learn useful information for the future from this dog of a car but can they really afford a year of languishing in the midfield?

  • lol

    last time i checked, its tahnks to mclaren hamilton has a title. and hamilton barely won it while having the best car..against massa lol.

    he also threw it away in 2007 while having the best car.

    and in 2011 he got beaten by button while hamilton was busy doing destruction derby.

    and in mercedes, the fastest car ober a lap, he is being matched and beaten by rosberg (1 win, 3 poles).

    yeah, blame mclaren for getting him a title ;)

  • Don

    ridiculous is the word for some commentors, should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, it is what it is so let’s stop the chatter about nothing and wait and see as that’s all any of us can do

  • Dsa

    Lewis Hamilton is a child. He is so immature for his age.

    I literally don’t think he cares about winning at all. The next gp he will be like : “I wonder if my shit is together now”.

  • Dsa

    Lewis Hamilton is a child. He is so immature for his age.

    I literally don’t think he cares about winning at all. The next gp he will be like : “I wonder if my s*** is together now”.

  • Butterfly

    “Alonso would beat Hamilton at McLaren!” – not my post.

  • Butterfly

    ““Alonso would beat Hamilton at McLaren!” – not my post.”

    Not mine either.

  • JPSmoove

    Someone needs to give Ron a hug!
    I absolutely love LH! He’s my man! But why on earth he would tell the press, “I’ve got stuff on my mind and I’ve got to get my sh*t together”, boggles my mind! You never hear Alonso, Vettel, etc making those comments! LH your a top driver and your paid like one. You come to the party ready to dance, always.

  • Ahmed

    Love him or hate him, hamilton was th last driver to have won mclaren a championship n by th way things are going and mclaren slowly digging themselves deepe into the midfield; thr won’t be a new champion in tht team for a long time to come. If Mclaren doesn make massive changes soon, thyl be going down th same road as williams. For starters; Replace whitmarsh with briatore, bring back kimi and get a second driver who has talent worth grooming (bottas/bianchi) and sign on james ellison as tech chief

  • realf1fan

    People who keep saying Lewis had the best car in 07 needs to look at the big picture. He was a rookie and the 2XWDC also had access to the same car and finished below Lewis with Alonso trying to get Ron to sabotage the greatest rookie ever because he underestimated what Ron and Mclaren had created.

  • Nicole Scherzinger

    indeed Lewis was brand new to the sport and hadn’t raced many of the circuits; and certainly not in an F1 car. Nobody should doubt his talent that he was able to challenge and beat Alonso, who had the same opportunites with the same car and the advantage of having won 2x WDC as you state.

    We always state how difficult it is to compare two drivers when they’re in different cars. With Alonso and Hamilton we know that given the same car Lewis is the better drive.

  • Butterfly

    Anybody saying Alonso was defeated by a rookie fails to see the psychological side of Formula 1, and it makes all the difference in the world.

    A rookie has no pressure, especially one that’s been with the team for ten years.

    Regarding the 2x Champion, taking on the whole of McLaren and their proteje and finishing the season on equal results can hardly be called a failure, people.

    Alonso wiped the floor with the whole of McLaren and Ron in particular, and I don’t think there is any other driver on the grid that could have done that in those conditions.

    The guy’s made of steel.

  • realf1fan

    Anyone who feels that Mclaren would bring a a driver of the caliber of Alonso the man who ended the dictatorship of statistically the gratest f1 driver in history just so that he can run second to a rookie makes me believe that some people don’t understand basic acquisition of a current WDC by a team or are just talking out of dislike of a particular type of driver.

    The fact is, Lewis the debutante took everyone by surprise in 07 even his own team which speaks volume of Lewis being the real deal, yes Mclaren backed Lewis because by Indianapolis 2007 with Alonso failing to pass Lewis and then moaning over the radio for Ron to ask Lewis to let him pass with the message coming back you must race on equal terms, Alonso’s true colours were shown and he became a disruptor to the team because he could not get his own way.

  • Butterfly


    I am not saying anything about Lewis’s abilities, mate. Just saying that Ron & McLaren managed the situation in the worst way imaginable, that’s all.

    McLaren knew that Fernando wanted exclusivity from the team so their partnership would give the best possible results. Ron, once Lewis showed he’s good enough, started to favour Lewis and break the promise he must have made to Fernando.

    That’s called backstabbing where I come from.

    McLaren threw away both titles that year. And thanks to their equal-status policy, blew their chances in the following years, too.

    It’s just (awfully) bad management on the part of McLaren.

    And now they lost both Fernando and Lewis – the best drivers in Formula 1.

  • realf1fan

    Totally agree Ron changed his mind due to the perfomance of Lewis and if you want to call it back stabbing so be it, every team is entitled to make decisions as they see fit and as a F1 fan who wants to see top drivers racing each other i welcome Mclaren’s policy in having no team orders i wish i was old enough to appreciate the Prost and Senna battles back in the day at Mclaren.

    I truly would hate Perez to be leading JB and getting a message over the radio from the pit wall saying “Jenson is faster than you”

  • Butterfly


    You may think it’s good for racing or whatever, but you aren’t going to win many titles – if any – with that attitude. Every team needs a lead driver and a support driver.

  • Butterfly 2.0

    But with having two racing drivers who first have to beat their own team mate then at least they can look in the mirror in the morning knowing they won fair and square.

    With Alonso and his hitman he can never do that.