Vettel: There was no reason to change

Sebastian Vettel happy with his team

Sebastian Vettel happy with his team

Red Bull would like to keep their triple world champion Sebastian Vettel beyond his new contract set to run until 2015, and even the German himself is not ruling out a longer career with the energy drinks owned team.

Some in the paddock, who had linked the 25-year-old with a switch to Ferrari or Mercedes in the future, were surprised when Red Bull announced last week that Vettel has added another year to his existing contract.

“The fact [that] he has signed this extension shows his commitment to Red Bull, and hopefully the relationship will go beyond 2015, which is already some way into the future,” team boss Christian Horner told the PA Sport news agency.

Reigning triple world champion Vettel, who looks to be on course for a fourth consecutive title in 2013, also said Formula 1 should not be surprised by last week’s news.

Formula One World Championship, Rd7, Canadian Grand Prix, Race Day, Montreal, Canada, Sunday 9 June 2013.

Sebastian Vettel scored his 29th victory as a Red Bull backed driver in Canada

“There was no reason to change,” he told Bild newspaper.

Some, however, have pointed out that while Vettel is now signed up through 2015, a true ‘long-term’ contract might look different – perhaps a three-year commitment at the least.

Asked why he did not sign ‘long term’, the German answered: “Because even 2015 is a long way away, and 2016 even further.

“Who knows what’s going to be happening in three years, let alone five. Maybe I won’t even be driving anymore, because the desire [might be] gone.”

Does that mean that only retirement can separate Vettel and Red Bull?

“I really don’t know!” he insisted.

“Maybe I will end up with another team, to find a new challenge. Almost anything is possible. But luckily I don’t need to decide now.” (GMM)

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  • hillside

    tryin to make six in a row to beat MS

  • Steve

    Seb has already shown up Alonso and Hamilton.

  • Not Bernie

    Why not sign for longer? Because in a couple of years time he may well be a 5 time WDC and that is worth even more.

    Ferrari signed Alonso up for five years; unheard of in F1. Look how well that turned out! Their trophy cabinet is still empty.

    I honestly throught that Hamilton would have been winning multiple WDCs, going ding-dong with Vettel, yet he seems to have lost his mojo.

    Vettel, however, is still probably the best driver in the world today. Hamilton (on a good day) and Kimi next. Then Webber before Alonso, who I’d put just above Button.

  • tea

    visz963, is that why Alonso is vetoing and blocking Vettel coming to Ferrari? Confirmed by many sources now, including Italian.

    Alonso is scared shitless of Vettel in the same car. He can keep complimenting himself on Twitter and being a samurai (lol) but when it comes to it, he blocks Vettel coming to Ferrari.

  • visz963

    Haha, not my comment above.

    I hope Alonso joins Vettel as teammates some day, and Alonso will be forced to quit mid-season due to lack of parformance compared to Vettel.

  • Steve


    Hamilton, Alonso, distant third.

  • anonops

    he afraid to loose his title and he cannot compete with other driver if he move to other team because he know he will only win the championship with adrian newey car. the “”true”” champion..

  • Tom

    @ visz963
    Can you give one example where Senna won from lower than 5th on the grid?
    Drivers like Vettel (or Hamilton for that matter – who hasn’t won from lower than 4th on the grid) are great qualifiers. They almost always qualify near the front when they have a car capable of winning.

    @ anonops
    Adrian Newey, the true champion who won all the titles from 1998 to 2010. Oh wait…

  • iMark


    so the true champion is… the car? then why the f*ck are there 22 drivers? the car has mind and body of its own, I guess.

    Seriously, this place was cool without those 6 yo r*tarded kids.

  • bamza

    Alonso Vettel Hamilton kimi Button

  • bamza

    but its more fun to be a kimi fan .

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Haha, the guy commenting above is not visz963 – I guess it is bittersprite or fools bitching with my previous alias.

    Alonso is a loser, and will never dare to pair Vettel. He was beaten by all teeamates so far except for some ageing and injured drivers.

    My top 10 ranking:
    1 Vettel
    2 Rosberg
    3 Hamilton
    4 Perez
    5 Raikkonen
    6 Button
    7 Webber
    8 Hulkenberg
    9 Alonso
    10 Sutil

  • Tamburello_1994

    Until someone knocks Vettel off he’s number one.

  • bamza

    alonso is slow? not on this planet buddy

  • Butterfly

    OMG, someone’s trolling the trolls. Lovely.

    There’s a picture going around the web with one of the RB9s leaving jerky tire marks in Canada, a characteristic of traction control systems.

    And you hear that garbage Vettel talking about how good he is, and how fast he is. I wonder if he really believes that BS.

    They should just give Vettel’s trophies to Newey.

  • Not Bernie

    “a characteristic of traction control systems.”

    Like the one that Alonso uses with his Ferrari?

  • Steve

    “As soon as he no longer has the fastest car by a country mile”

    He has never had the fastest car by a country mile. In modern F1 there are no longer ANY cars which are fastest by a country mile.

    Back in the “good old days” of F1 Senna would qualify a second ahead of Prost, who would be a second-and-a-half ahead of Piquet.

    These days Vettel qualifies a few hundredths of a second in front of Hamilton, and idiotic fans like Braterfly bleat about what a rocketship the Red Bull car is. There are few sports whose fans are so clueless and ignorant as those who follow F1.

  • Sunshine117

    Well done Vettel a flawless drive (except for the little love tap on the wall). But I have to say, I wish he would stop winning…don’t get me wrong his a champion driver but I’m kinda getting sick of it. Vettel leading from start to finish.
    I would like something different to happen like a Force India or a Torro Rosso leading most of the race or a Williams even??? Hell, even a McLaren leading would be kinda strange this season…anything thing but a Vettel pole position victory, it’s just so damm boring.

  • CHL

    One must give credit to Vettle; I watched him closely at Montreal and he just went out and did it in a flawless way! Still, there is the Newey factor. Currently, I would rate he and Fernando as a tie with Kimi third, then Lewis and then Jensen. Lewis would seem to have a bit more potential than any of them. I have watched them all from the mid 50’s. The Fanger was by far the greatest. He won on Alfa,Mercedes,Ferrari and Maseratti. Back when it was really dangerous. Moss would certainly be second. They were both gentlemen, admired and respected by drivers and fans alike. They would give you the line, but, still beat you clean! I never liked Shuey,
    Senna or Prost. They were great drivers, but, not true Champions.

  • Butterfly

    Not Bernie:

    Where did you ever see any evidence of traction control on the Ferrari during the last four years? First time I’ve heard of this, frankly.

  • Not Bernie

    “Where did you ever see any evidence of traction control on the Ferrari during the last four years? First time I’ve heard of this, frankly.”


  • bamza

    what is obvious is the RB heats its tyres quicker than the Lotus and Ferrari giving it an advantage in quali and opening laps that allows vettel but not Webber to use his skill to win from Kimi and Alonso. If they get the chance FA n KR then use their cars advantages to chase down SV. These drivers and LH stand out above the rest year after year.

  • bamza

    by the way Alonso is slow was funny as ….while you steve is just sick …you banjo strummin sista luva

  • From Above

    Give any of the experienced F1 drivers Vettel’s car (not Webber’s guinea pig) & some of his luck & I bet you will have the biggest chance by far to win…are you people for real…ofcourse he will stick to Newy…he doesn’t need to live out of the box…daddy is taking good care of him

  • bamza

    Webbers guinea pig my a hes just a journeyman driver to SV,s genius.

  • Jack

    I will start to admire Vettel when he can wring everything out of a less competitive package and still compete for the title to the extent of Alonso last year

  • Butterfly

    Not Bernie:

    Was that your female intuition telling you Ferrari has traction control, or do you have at least a picture to back that claim.

  • Butterfly

    Well, look at that, the retarded trolls totally agree with one another.

  • The Real Not Bernie

    have a look at the video of Alonso’s start in Barcelona.

    @The Fake Not Bernie.
    The idea of using a name is to pick a unique one for yourself; not those of others.

  • Butterfly

    That’s just good car control on behalf of Alonso. The Red Bulls have the cars do that by themselves.

    Are you 9 or something?

  • bamza

    What about valecia 2012 for alonso overtakes . Actually how about all of 2012

  • The Real Not Bernie

    Alas, this thread is now contaminated by someone who thinks it’s funny to wind up Butterfly.

    It’s just as funny to watch her make a fool of herself; you don’t need to steal other people’s nicknames.

  • Genuine Butterfly

    The Real Not Bernie:

    What the f{uc}k are you on about?

  • Not Bernie

    The previous comment was not me. The “Not Bernie” tag, which I have been using for a long time, will not be used by me again.

  • bamza

    this is hillarious

  • Butterfly

    OMG, I am witnessing warfare. This is the Troll Wars of 2013. Awesome :-)

  • Butterfly

    Your the troll! Why are you using my name?

  • authentic visz963

    Nice forum, with 70% fake comments. Time to make registration compulsory.

    by the way I think it is the amierican fool trolling, it is his language.

  • Butterfly

    “Your the troll! Why are you using my name?” – damn, another fake one.

  • G

    I think there was one race that showed Vettel’s skill as a driver and also resulted in his promotion to RBR.
    Vettel has skills, I give him that. He just happens to know how to use those skills with a good car. He will also win the 4th WDC.
    I say this as a Kimi fan.

  • From Above

    I, as a Kimi fan, it is weird how Alonso’s haters try so hard like I never seen before to degrade Alonso all the time…Again…are you guys for real?…see, on the contrary, you are demonstrating in your posts how successful Alonso is…for you haters to despise him that much…envy will get you no where….come on his records speak out loud & clear…stop misleading your selves…come on be real & enjoy the rest of the season…though with my great respect to Alonso, I say….Goooooo Kimi…you are real stealth fighter.

  • bamza

    Its winter here in New zealand and I cant get out to troll for Tuna or kingfish so…..