Button tips Hamilton to come back strong and shock everybody

Lewis Hamilton with Jenson Button

Lewis Hamilton with Jenson Button

Jenson Button believes that former McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton will bounce back strongly when he finds his feet at Mercedes.

From 2010 to 2012, the pair were teammates at the Woking based squad, where Hamilton began his Formula 1 career, won the 2008 title, and solidified his reputation as one of the very best on the grid.

But since moving to Mercedes, the Briton has had his hands full alongside his former karting teammate Nico Rosberg, who in the three previous seasons even had the edge on seven time world champion Michael Schumacher.

Button, however, is tipping Hamilton to hit back strongly.

“To be fair, he has already scored significantly more points than Nico,” lead McLaren driver Button told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“Lewis is incredibly fast,” the 2009 world champion added.

“But the same is as true for him as it is for the rest of us – if he doesn’t have a balance in the car that suits him, that he got used to over many years, then it’s not easy.

“The other side is that Nico is also fast. But Lewis has not lost his speed. It’s still there,” Button added. “He will come back and shock everybody.” (GMM)

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  • Steve

    “To be fair, he has already scored significantly more points than Nico”

    To be fair, Mercedes have favored him over Nico. So he should have scored more points.

  • Haha

    Button only says that because if he said otherwise, he would confess he himself is a poor driver, lol.

  • cmb

    Excuse me, Button raced with lewis for more than two years. So in my opinion, i would listen to him. So all you know with it alls dont have a clue what you talking about.
    Geez, its clear that your hatred for hamilton has blinded your perception of him.
    And by the way, hw have they favored lewis over nico? When nico had dnf’s was lewis involved. When suddenly nico lost pace in canada, was lewis favored? When lewis outbreaked himseld and lost pol position, was he favored?
    Oh I get it..no matter what i say, your opinion over lewis wil never change.
    Tell me something..wht Jenson got to gain by saying wht he said? Nothing!!
    Deep down in your hearts, you know lewis is good. And by the way, if he was to go to red bull and started wining, you would all say….itthhhh aaaaall becauthhh of the carrrrr!!!
    Yeah right!!

  • Steve

    “Button raced with lewis for more than two years.”

    For three years. And equaled him in that time. So unless you think that Button is going to shock us with his speed …

  • iMark


    “And by the way, hw have they favored lewis over nico?”

    Malaysia, 2013, Brawn: Negative nico, keep the position.

    Nico: “Remember this one guys”.

  • bamza

    No disrespect to Nico and Jenson world class drivers no mistake but Lewis has something extra and I agree with Jenson. Im not a LH fan just a F1 fan.

  • Hawk

    if anyone thought that Nico was faster than Lewis in Malaysia, they are downright stupid.

  • Hawk

    No further comment. Absolutely..
    Nico too… maybe..

  • CHL

    For Steve: Oh I just love “the Brat” also. I would love to be sitting in turn 12 at the C of A and watch Mark put him into the wall at max speed!!!

  • Brian E J Bridgman

    It is a pity that Mercedes are getting rid of Ross Brawn,
    I am sure that is has affected Lewis.
    To suggest that he is favoured is complete and utter
    nonsense. It is an Austrian/German team with all that it denotes.
    When they become top dog in F1, or rather if they become top
    dog in F1. you will find that they will get rid of all non-Germanic
    staff including drivers (Hulkenberg is in the wings) and engineers.
    Put Lewis Hamilton in an Adrian Newey designed car, and no one
    could touch him including Alonso.

  • Fay ridd

    I agree with you lewis is the fastest man on the track. Lewis is one of the main reasons why I watch f1 take him out of the equation boring boring races every race he gives over a hundred percent in he years 2007 and 2008 I was on he edge of my seat watching the excitement but something has been taken away from f1 with all this tyre why can’t they just have pure racing and drive at 100 percent it’s making the racers to become boring.T some tracks. So give us back pure racing and see lewis up the front as he should be. He is what racing was to boxing like Muhammad Ali you either have the full package or. To. So look after your star lewis without him it wouldn’t be worth watching.