Webber returns to scene of his last F1 win as future remains cloudy

Mark Webber savours his 2012 British GP win

Mark Webber savours his 2012 British GP win

Mark Webber is hoping for a hassle free weekend to end his victory drought as he returns to the scene of his last Formula 1 victory at Silverstone, while speculation about his future mounts.

The Australian, whose Red Bull career is in doubt beyond his 2013 contract, has won two of the last three British Grands Prix – but has not recorded a single victory since the Silverstone race last year.

At the same time, teammate and habitual title winner Sebastian Vettel has already won three times this season.

“I need to have a win coming my way,” Webber, 37 in August, is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “I just hope I get a whole weekend going right for me.”

Webber said that his usual Achilles heel, his race starts, have been much less problematic in 2013.

Mark Webber

Mark Webber in Canada

“The starts are beginning to be very good, which is an area I would like to thank the team for, but there are always other areas where you can improve,” he said.

Meanwhile, two ex Formula 1 drivers have named Kimi Raikkonen as an ideal successor for Webber at Red Bull.

“Yes, I like Kimi,” Gerhard Berger told Osterreich newspaper. “He’s the coolest of them all, and surprised me last year with his strong comeback. He would be a good option.”

Mika Salo, who now works for the Finnish broadcaster MTV3, agreed: “There are all sorts of rumours about Raikkonen, but I think it would make sense for him to go to Red Bull.”

“It would complement his other hobbies, like a bit of rallying and motocross, but it’s always hard to say what he’s going to decide.”

“Certainly, of the number of candidates, Kimi would be one of the most desirable,” the former Sauber and Toyota F1 driver added.

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  • KevinW

    The only folks who are in the dark about Weber’s future are in the media. Weber will remain for 2014. If he had made a decision to leave, he would have made that known already – which he has not. Red Bull has no reason to replace him. On the other hand, they risk demotivating the STR drivers if they announce Weber’s situation too early – thus they wait and let them battle with the carrot on that stick, gaining points for the team (and Red Bull), until late summer, as it has been for many seasons. The earliest either STR driver will see an opportunity to step up is 2015… Weber will be in the IRB for 2014… Kimi stays at Lotus – just as Vettel is to remain at IRB through 2015, regardless of silly media commentary of his eminent move to Ferrari.

  • Sunshine117

    I agree, Webber wont go any where until he has completely nothing more in the tank or no team will give him a seat. He want’s a shot at the championship, although we all agree his one and probably only shot has come and gone (2010 season). He’s still set on giving it a go for as long as he can, a typical tenacious Aussie, never gives up. He will be there in 2014…Just with which team remains to be seen, RBR, McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari or Lotus. He won’t drive for any one else but these teams. So if none of these teams give him an offer, then he will probably leave.

  • Sunshine117

    Any one think he can turn things around and win Silverstone? this by far is his strongest race. Yes, you could say Monaco or Brazil are but I think it’s here at his home circuit. Technically his home circuit is Melbourne but any F1 fan would know that his home is but a stones throw away from the Silverstone circuit which kinda makes it his back yard in a sense. So can Webber win here again you think?

    Or is Vettel just too strong? Cos I mean you gotta give it to Vettel sometimes, no one was catching him at Montreal. A flawless drive.

    But come on Webber, bring it home at Silverstone!!!

  • bamza

    ozzy grit? more like ozzy twit. sod off to tin tops let the Kimster show you how its done

  • David L

    Why on earth would Red Bull spend thousands on promoting and producing two young talented drivers and then bring in an older driver who, although extremely talented and fast, is nearing the end of his career and openly admits that he might not be driving for much longer !
    And referring to bamza 15th., at least we can say that Webber’s supporters are sane, more than can be said of yourself !