Schumacher: I am a private F1 television commentator on my couch

Michael Schumacher during his last season in F1

Michael Schumacher during his last season in F1

Michael Schumacher has revealed that he has not regretted his final retirement from Formula 1 for a single moment.

At the end of a three-season comeback period that did not add to his record tally of 91 wins and seven titles, the 44-year-old German returned to retirement at the end of last year as Mercedes replaced him with Lewis Hamilton.

He told Bild newspaper that the right call was made.

“If there had been at least the prospect of fighting for the world championship last year,” said Schumacher, “then it might have been a different decision.

“But I’m very happy,” he insisted, laughing that he is now a “private television commentator” on his couch during grands prix for his wife Corinna.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

After more than two decades in the paddock, meanwhile, Schumacher also revealed that “a few people from Mercedes and Ferrari keep me in the loop” with F’s behind-the-scenes goings-on.

“But it’s not as though I’m interested in everything,” he added, revealing that he has put on a couple of kilograms since stepping out of the cockpit.

But he did return recently for a F1 demonstration run in his 2011 Mercedes F1 car at the fabled Nordschleife.

Schumacher, now a Mercedes ambassador, revealed: “I do not think that was the last time I will sit in a Silver Arrows.” (GMM)

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  • Not Bernie

    An amazing driver. And an amazing person too – remember the donnation he made for the tsunami?

  • James Richardson

    Simply the best, my hero.

  • bamza

    boring arrogant kraut

  • shibby

    Not Bernie, true. People tend to remember the little things but not the things that matter. For me he is one of my all time favourites together with Jimmy, Juan Manuel, Tazio, Ayrton, Gilles and François Cevert.

  • Chris

    Schumi will always be the best.

  • uyu

    Yeah I remember his public donation of $10 million to victims of the tsunami. It was similar to announcing it at a press conference with his manager pledging it live on television.

    In contrast to Senna who donated $400 million in complete secrecy to charities. He did not want anyone to know and it was only revealed after his death.

    It’s an example of how being the “best” driver transcends accomplishments on the track, and goes into the man you are off of it.

    That’s why many people worship Senna and some people consider Schumacher arrogant I guess.

  • F1R

    uyu: By that logic, what does make the drivers (or anyone rich for that matter) who did not contribute anything to the tsunami victims ? Making it public does not make him any less of a thoughtful person.
    Also it has nothing to do with ‘being the best’.

    People consider Schumacher arrogant because it’s the trend and that he’s German. Vettel, the same, but he just happens to be a little shit by pure coincidence.

  • Tamburello_1994

    MS is the most decorated driver ever, Bar none.

    But it would hard to argue Senna not being the “GOAT”.

    He just had that something extra.

  • Anh Hao

    uyu: You got it wrong. $400 million is Ayrton’s estimated personal fortune at the time of his death, not the amount he donated for charity works.

  • Forza Ferrari

    He will always be the best! An amazing racing driver and a great person…what a legend! Sure he had his flaws but who doesn’t?! Schumi = nr.1 forever

    Enjoy your well-deserved retirement hero :)

  • Gonandorn

    I well remember when Senna first began his career. He was a dangerous driver, with many complaints from other drivers as to his often dangerous overtaking moves. These were well documented in newspaper articles. But he like others got over his brashness and did indeed become the worlds best in his time….

  • DrChat

    SHUMI simply the G R E A T E S T!!!!!!!

  • Mrs Gail j Gray

    I miss Michael just like i did in 2006 but i know he is okay i have always contacted him by postal letter and he is such a warm hearted guy by sending me back in return lovely signed photos which is not found on the internet, he is a guy that i have enjoyed following/supporting since 1991, i hardly watch formula 1 now the sparkle is not there anymore, mind you Seb Vettel is a great driver as well.

  • Nimba

    The God of F1. Schumi Rules as always. Can’t wait for Mick Schumacher to start racing in the future.

  • Uyu

    Ahm Hao:

    Senna donated $400 million in secret. See the IAS, Instituto Ayrton Senna.

  • Uyu

    Google the “askmen” article Senna vs Vettel.

  • Uyu

    And Vettel is nowhere near as arrogant as Schumacher. Vettel’s actually a nice guy you wouldn’t mind having a drink with.

    But don’t expect a TRIPLE world champion to be “nice” to his competitors.

  • Uyu

    Mrs Gail J Gray: It’s refreshing to hear M. Schumacher is warmhearted compared to people saying he can be arrogant. In the end everyone has his or her own fans but for 7 world titles I have complete respect.

  • Mark

    He was the best of his generation including the great Senna. Time was the only thing that really ever passed him.

  • fahro

    no schumi no life in Formula 1

  • WayneUSA

    Uyu: Don’t believe everything (anything?) you read on the internet!

  • kerry martin

    hi michael schumacher my name kerry martin age 31 years old and live plymouth first time going sliverstone you are my favourite driver next year 32 years old i looking forward to see you

  • Thiago

    People use to say that Schumi is cold, arrogant, unfair, but these are “qualities” of the “god” Senna. He never did celebrations like Schumi, or even Hakkinen; Never thought that other drivers could be a real contenders; Never thought about the consequences in throwing his car into Prost’s Ferrari.

    I really can’t understand that things!

  • pit stop

    Michael Schumacher is the King of f1, I have watched him since 1991-2012 , and have gone to see him race in 6 Grand prix;s , my last in 2012 in Germany. I wish he had done one more year in f1.
    He is my Hero , and King of f1.