Ferrari and Red Bull turned down offer to tyre test with 2013 car

Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres

It has emerged that Pirelli had approached Red Bull  and Ferrari to use their current cars for a tyre test, but world champion team boss Christian Horner declined because of his reservations about the rules, as did the Maranello team.

“Of course we said no,” Ferrari spokesman Renato Bisignani told Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper, confirming that the Italian team also turned down an approach from Pirelli.

“The regulations prohibit the use of a car from this year,” he added, clarifying that Ferrari’s Pirelli tyre test just after Bahrain was with a 2011 car.

The general consensus in Formula 1 circles is that Mercedes will be found guilty and penalised in some manner.

“I don’t know whether Mercedes will have points deducted or Ross Brawn will lose his job, but I do think there will be penalties because something was not quite right,” F1 team owner turned pundit Eddie Jordan said on Servus TV. (GMM)

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  • KevinW

    Ross is probably out the door at the end of the season anyway, so might as well go out with a bang. The FIA will likely prove itself to be a quivering mass of jelly when it comes to Mercedes and let them off with a stern private note and a symbolic fine that has been pre-approved by the mighty Mercedes board. Can’t help but think that had Red Bull been the offender, the tribunal would have already acted by excluding the team from the WCC, docking points from the drivers, issuance of a massive fine and public lashing. Certainly the relative quiet, lack of hysteria, and support of Mercedes in this serious issue contrasts starkly with the ridiculous howling that went on over the non-issue of Vettel ignoring a team order, or the chants of cheating Red Bull endured last year for non-issues amped up by media and fan freaking. Merc is getting off very lightly here, so will likely not suffer much when any decisions are made by the tribunal.

  • F1 Neutral

    Considering Ross has “admitted” that the test was all his doing, and Paddy Lowe is waiting in the background, it’s pretty obvious that Lauda and Toto have set him up to be the fall guy. He will probably get a ban from the sport for one or two years.

    Ross is too intelligent not to know this already, and maybe has settled for a huge pay packet to take the fall, and maybe walk away from F1 for good.