What’s really bugging Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton has not smiled much in the past month

Lewis Hamilton has not smiled much in the past month

Visibly downbeat all weekend in Montreal, Lewis Hamilton has played down talk of a rift with Mercedes, insisting he simply has “stuff” on his mind, and admits that he is aggrieved at not yet wiining a race with his new team.

The 2008 world champion hardly cracked a smile after the Canadian Grand Prix, where he finished on the podium, two places ahead of his on-form teammate, Monaco winner Nico Rosberg.

But during the Montreal race, Hamilton snapped at his race engineer whilst receiving information about the wear of the tyres.

“Please just let me drive, man,” the Briton snapped.

Hamilton, however, said his reaction does not indicate tension within the team, but simply the tension of the moment as he raced to the chequered flag.

Lewis Hamilton in Canada

Lewis Hamilton in Canada

“Being hunted down by Fernando [Alonso] is like being chased by a bull and so I just didn’t need anyone in my ear when I was already at the maximum I could go at,” he said.

He was also morose and aloof after just missing out on pole position 24 hours earlier, and poker faced throughout the post qualifying formalities.

Hamilton hinted that the main issue on his mind is his battle for superiority at Mercedes, in the recent wake of Rosberg’s hat-trick of poles and Monaco win.

“I don’t settle for anything but the best and wins; I still haven’t got a win, Nico has won a race, so I need to get a win,” he said.

“What I’m projecting is not disappointment, I’ve just got stuff on my mind.” (GMM)

  • Mark

    Hope he keeps his focus on the race when he is on the track.

  • TifosiFan

    These journalists are quick to judge just after a few races, LH is a born winner, last week it was about his dog, now it’s trying to find out what’s wrong with boy. Last time i checked he had more points than Rosberg. He just needs that first win for this year, and i’m sure it will come.

  • jestaudio

    How about the media leave him alone for a bit, that would cheer anyone up especially the way he gets treated by the british press, no wonder he lives abroad

  • Not Bernie

    I think it maybe from the realisation that he can’t just turn up and win. That he’s got to put some effort in. It’s not like hanging about with all his rapper buddies; there’s others who are doing an excellent job forcing him to concentrate.

    This could be very good for Hamilton. I hope so anyway.

  • kl

    Mercedes ruined Rosbergs strategy by putting him on the soft tyre to make sure Hamilton would not be beaten again.

    I mean, everyone was going on the hard tyre at the 1st pitstop but they gave Rosberg the weakest tyre. They are or dumb or intentionally ruined his race.

    Cheaters club at it again.

  • eezee

    Heck, he has more points than MclarenT as an entire TEAM at this stage in the championship!

  • BobMendon

    I see no reason for him to be glum. He has a car capable of winning and a team backing him. It could be worse. He could be driving for McLaren again!

  • lio

    Its’ about his girlfriend – again. Trust me on this.
    Whenever his girlfriend gives him crap, he’s like that – always.

  • Sure

    The guys saying Hamilton has more points: Rosberg had 2 DNFs because of mechanical probelms and at 1 race he was ordered to stay behind Hamilton.

    And Rosberg has 3 poles and 1 win. Hamilton 1 Pole, 0 wins. And Hamilton gets the better strategy calls as Canada has shown too.

    Rosberg is the better driver so far. If it was all about the points, well Button had more points than Hamilton ;)

  • Urko

    Well, Massa had the same strategy (super soft, super soft, med.).
    Though I also can’t understand why they went for another super soft…esp. hungry Merc

  • cmb

    If some of you people commenting here were real race fans, you would realize that its not that easy to join a new team, get in a new car and dominate right there and then. The man,TOGETHER with his boss have openly stated that lewis needs to adjust to the set up of the car. If all you judges read the news everyday, and CHOSE to believe what the driver himself and his boss afre saying, you woulld not draw your guns at this man.
    What bothers me is that the whole paddock, team bosses, indy car drivers, nascar drivers have acknowledged that Lewis is one of the best drivers in the world, yet some couch critics are quick to put him down.Once he sorts out how to work the brakes on the car, Rosberg will have no chance at all. Besides, this car was buillt around Rosbergs input as it is an evolution from the car of two years ago.
    Anyway, regardless of what lewis does, its a known fact that some of you will never give him the credit he deserves.
    Truth is, the boy is a phenomenal driver. Ask sir williams, a man who has worked with great drivers like senna, and he will tell that the one driver he would have loved the sign to his team is lewis hamilton.
    I wish some of you people would be given the chance of driving an F1 car so we could see just how well how would drive.
    Next year, Lewis is going to win the championship. Keep this email in your archives cz you will need it next year.

  • CHL

    I think that he showed character and poise in the heat of battle when his tires were going and Fernando was hunting him down. It would have annoyed anyone to get a radio call about tires at this critical moment. Lack of situational awareness in the Pits. He didn’t falter, did his best and got on the Podium. Now that’s a good drive!
    I can think of many others that might have cracked under that kind of pressure. This man is a great driver!!!

  • fools

    He’s focused! New team new/term paper.

    Let the dude race. Why is everyone to caught up by LH emotions?

    Maybe he had the cold over the weekend and doesnt want to make excuses.

    He needs to win and he knows that.

  • Whatever

    cmb, Button came to McLaren and won his first race and over the 3 seasons he had more points than Hamilton. So much, he made Hamilton leave sulking.

    These are professional drivers, they need 200 laps of testing and they know the car in and out. If Hamilton still has problems with the car after 7 races, he is an amateur and he should stop making excuses. He even made the team accept Rosberg to change his brakes for Canada, I mean c’mon.

    Nobody said Hamilton is one of the best, they said he is one of the fastest. Being one of the fastest is not being one of the best. Maldonado and GrosJean are also some of the fastest drivers of all time. The fact he can’t handle a simple brake issue and keeps using that as an excuse is proof he is not one of the best.

    If Vettel had been beaten by Webber and he kept whining about the brakes, you all would bash him how he is a little kid that is a sore loser and can’t handle a car unless it totally suits him. Now it is Hamilton doing exactly that and you defend him.

    Hamilton is a modern day Jacques Villeneuve. Lucky to win his one and only title against Massa of all drivers, while being in the better car, barely winning it on the last corner.

  • AAX1980

    His Dog is distracting him hahaha :)

  • Don

    And these comments have been screened, some of you need not to wear your cape to school anymore but you do need to take it off.

  • cmb

    to whatever,
    I am going to say one thing whatever, theres nothing that i can say to make you change your opinion on lewis. Your mind about him is made up. Period.
    About the points issue. Do you really watch races??? Lets talk about brazil. Hd hulkenburg not hit lewis, he would easily have won that race.
    And also, its common knowledge to EVERYONE that maclaren messed up lewis’s chances of winning many races….a fact to which they admitted. had they not messed up up all thepit stops, lewis would have been way ahead of Jenson.
    On one of the best drivers…Please dont even go there. if fernando alonso can SAY THAT lewis is one of the best, who are you to rubbish that?
    Sir williams himself said that lewis is one of the drivers!!
    And on the brake issue, its very clear you lack understanding on f1 cars and the drivers driving styles.
    And for your own info, many in the paddock have echoed the same view that if any other driver, apart from mark webber of course can win races in that red bull. you can argue all yiu want but if those people who work on those cars echo that, then i would rather head their views than yours.
    moreover, did you even see howewis was able to turn a dog of a car in 2010 into a winning car? i bet you dont wanna hear that.

    These are the words of fthe great fernando Alonso;

    Why do I say Hamilton is the strongest? Because it’s what I think, it’s my personal opinion and there is nothing political in that,” said Alonso. “Lewis has always won races ever since he has been in Formula 1, even in years like 2009, when he had started the season with a car that was two seconds off the quickest.
    And this is a column from the magazine auto sports with the heading:

    From the moment McLaren gave its backing to an ambitious 10-year-old karter there were great expectations of Lewis Hamilton. And he delivered in style. The Formula Renault UK title, the F3 Euro Series crown and the GP2 championship presaged a move into F1 with McLaren.

    Teamed up with double world champion Fernando Alonso, many critics doubted the wisdom of promoting Hamilton so quickly. But he confounded them instantly, finishing on the podium in his first grand prix.

    A maiden win followed in Canada, backed up with a second win a week later in the US. Lewis was heading towards an unprecedented championship win in his first season when disaster struck in the last two races.

    His failure was quickly forgotten with victory in the opening race of 2008. Four more wins and the world championship followed. The 2009 McLaren started the year off the pace, but Hamilton showed his skill and maturity in helping turn the team around and scored a brace of brilliant late-season wins.
    So whatever your opinion is whatever, it will not alter the truth of how good lewis is.
    Next year, he will win the chamionship!!!!!

  • Barney

    Million dollar talent.

    Five cent head.

    Next question?


    He was thinking that 3 days of secret private testing would get him use to the brakes on his new car. What every driver needs with his new team a extra 3 days testing.

  • KevinW

    Not Hamilton fan. He’s most certainly quick enough, and great to watch pass, when he’s up for it. He lacks maturity, but most of all focus – which at least three or four others finishing in front of him for the last 5 years do not suffer from. I wonder how long he can continue to be considered one of the best while finishing 4th and 5th year after year in the WDC? Hopefully he’ll pull his head out and become what he’s capable of. The championship would be better if he did.

  • Pater Wolfe

    Maybe his dog doesn’t like him and you can choose which one :)

  • Hawk

    @whatever, your name suits you

    ok.. JB is a better driver and everyone in the paddock knows that except you!!! he scored more points than LH in their 3 years together.. any team would have wanted to sign him… McLaren is doing so well now because of him… he knows how to caress his tyres.. and now Perez has been put in his place by him.. your crap list continues..

  • Hawk

    Oh, and I forgot this one. In the three years 2010-2012 JB beat Lewis twice in the WDC, and he had more wins than Lewis!
    why not? ofcourse he had more points in the 3 years, that is what counts
    anyway you can twist the statistics all you want but JB himself will not agree with you on this one. I do not have to talk about Ron and Whitmarsh who drew the contracts

  • James

    I believe that what he is feeling is similar with my own. My friends earn two to three times higher than me, and Lewis is outperformed by Nico.

  • Sonia Luff

    While people are saying ‘ oh he’s new to the team and he’s not used to the brake system here’s one for you, 2010 Jenson joins Mclaren in his 2nd and 4th races for his new team he wins. Hammy didn’t win his first race that year until race 7 which was Turkey. Jenson also went to a team where the brakes were different to his previous team , again bearing in mind that Jenson had been with BAR/Honda/Brawn for a few years. Just goes to show Hammy might have speed but he ain’t no god

  • jon

    He signed for Mercedes with Brawn in charge – he now knows that Brawn will be forced out and he’s locked into a long term contract with a very Germanic team – not what he had been sold at the time of signing!
    In addition he realises he could have gone to Red Bull next season if he had played his cards a bit wiser!

  • Hawk

    Sonia, common sense dictates that it is easier to adapt to a better car. does the name Perez ring a bell? Secondly Nico is better than JB? Thirdly the underdog syndrome. Ok, now that Perez is giving JB a bloody nose, do you think he is better than Lewis?

  • Steve

    LH does seem a bit out of sorts. The last few times I’ve seen him interviewed he’s been rather grouchy.

    And he hardly ever wears his cap. What’s with that?

    A top driver when he’s on his game, but he does seem moody and he easily loses focus. That’s why I rank him below Seb and Nando at present.

  • [email protected]


    You Are Right, SFW Said That If All The Drivers In The World Were Free, He Would Sign LEWIS First.


    Go, HAMILTON !