Webber labels Van der Garde a pay driver with no mirrors

Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Red Bull‘s Mark Webber has labelled Giedo van der Garde  “a pay driver with no mirrors”.

The insult is reminiscent of the Australian veteran’s ridicule of “first lap nutcase” Romain Grosjean last year.

His angry jibe at van der Garde, a rookie this year, follows an incident in the Canadian Grand Prix, when the Red Bull and Caterham collided while Webber was lapping the Dutchman.

Webber was unimpressed with van der Garde’s talents.

“We had a lot of blue flags as we approached the hairpin,” he said. “Some guys maybe have too much concentration on [just] driving the cars.”

Van der Garde, 28, was penalised five grid places for Silverstone, and apologised to Webber in the post-race team press release. (GMM)

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  • =El Presidente=

    Well Webber can say whatever he wants, he only has 12 races to go before either, he is gone from F1, or is driving at a back-marker team himself.

    And actually i feel this as much Webber’s fault as it was v/d Garde’s fault. (in all cases , not only this one, i also remember Button with Kartikihan, and Vettel with Chanduk, and many others)
    Because the lead drivers just “assume” that they other will make way.
    Of course this is what is meant to happen, with blue flags, but it is like lead drivers (some more then others) just don’t always take the necessary precautions when overtaking a back-marker. Sure they have to move, but they can not vanish, and also, these back-marker-cars are a disaster to control. And they know that. They aught to know that those cars are slower, brake earlier, and handle like a cardboardboat. So maybe they should just keep some more margin.