Vettel extends contract with Red Bull until end of 2015

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

In a short statement released on Tuesday, Red Bull confirmed that three time world champion Sebastian Vettel has extended his contract with the energy drinks owned team until the end of 2015.

“Infiniti Red Bull Racing is happy to confirm that World Champion Sebastian Vettel has extended his multi-year contract with the team until the end of 2015,” said the team.

The statement continued, “A previous member of the Red Bull Junior squad, Sebastian first drove for Red Bull Racing in 2009. During his Formula 1 career, the 25-year-old has achieved 29 wins, 51 podiums and 39 pole positions.”

“He is the current Formula 1 World Champion and also a triple World Champion, having retained the title since he first won it in 2010,” concluded the statement. (Red Bull & Apex)

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  • Alonso_is_slow

    good. now get rid of Webber and get a teammate who has other things to do than screwing up your campaign.

  • McLarenfan

    They are the team to beat so he would be insane to go while Newey is drawing the car.

  • M451

    Things will be different in 2 years.

  • =El Presidente=

    @ M451 :

    what are you aiming at? That maybe Newey will retire? Could be, but for now they are the team to beat. Soon i think AMG-Merc will be the team to beat, since they started buying almost al the skilled people in the paddock ;) Maybe Ferrari will produce a better engine, or develop it faster, who knows.

    Anyway a new era is coming, with new engines and in season testing. This is a good development, so F1 can become the “pinnacle” again.. cause lets be fair, it has kinda fallen of its plinth.

  • bamza

    the less aero bullshit the better

  • Tamburello_1994


    Was there really any doubt?

  • DRK

    hope good times come back to f1……. less of aero and more of tech and mech.

  • Not Bernie

    Smart move for both Red Bull and Vettel.

    It doesn’t matter how the regulations change. What we’re seeing this year is how they’re all adapting to the rubbish tyres. The best drivers are still the best drivers.

  • bamza