Massa: I don’t think there is anyone better than me to take my place

Felipe Massa confident he is the man for Ferrari

Felipe Massa confident he is the man for Ferrari

Felipe Massa says that he is relaxed about his future at Ferrari because he believes he is the best candidate for the Italian team.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali told O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper at the weekend that the 32-year-old Brazilian’s form means he is likely to stay in 2014.

“If Felipe keeps going as he has been, I do not see any problem for the future,” he said.

Massa told Brazil’s Totalrace that he is happy with his current situation.

“I am calm, I think the most important thing is to have good pace,” he said, amid speculation that his three recent crashes in Monaco and Canada might have hurt his bid for a new contract.

Felipe Massa during teh Canadian GP

Felipe Massa during the Canadian GP

“I’m feeling good in the car. I’m very upset with what happened with the tyres in Bahrain, and with the crashes I have had,” Massa admitted.

“That has hurt my points a lot, but I’m happy with the car and with my driving, and that’s what counts the most,” he added.

Massa said he could only imagine Ferrari making a driver change if there was a clearly better candidate on the market.

“In my opinion, if there was someone so much better to put in my place, okay,” he insisted. “But I think not.” (GMM)

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  • Peter

    Tell me if I am wrong but the car in the picture – isn’t it Alonso?

  • WTkFox

    Jules Bianchi (70%) and Kobayashi (30%) seem like they are able to challenge him on that thought

  • Hawk

    C’mon thats clearly Massa

  • Butterfly

    I can see Felipe & Fernando being teammates for at least another five years.

  • Mark

    Oh! Don’t be too sure on that. Mark may be the oldest driver out there, but he’s faster than you.

  • Not Bernie

    Massa is the fastest driver there is who’ll take the Ferrari retirement package. He’ll never win a world championship, and that’s why racing drivers drive in F1; the belief that one day they’ll be world champion.

    To be Alonso’s stooge you’ve got to give up on those aspirations and just take the money. At least he’s wealthy.

  • hillside

    another wasted season for FM.

  • TimeLord


  • terrance

    nope thats a green helmet and its felipe

  • Sean

    @Not Bernie,

    Your constant uninformed drivel which has been taken verbatim from some reports constantly grinds on me.

    Instead of spouting the same monotone horse muck, hows about giving us an opinion you have formed all by yourself?

    There’s a good boy …

    As the saying goes, empty vessels make most noise! …

    My opinion, is that Ferrari have been dogged since they found out their wind tunnel was not directly correlating to on track performance … this was part way through 2011 … so they used the Toyota wind tunnel in Cologne whilst they “fixed” the issue at Maranello … and yes, its absolutely NO secret that Felipe has been, for the best part of 1.5 seasons, a development driver, with a completely different car to what Alonso was driving! …

    So, in my personally formed opinion, you are not suitably enough informed, (please see previous comment above about spouting out the most topical news report!) … to make any such comment on Massa not winning a championship et al …

    Instead, why not look at what he has done for the team, and regardless of what you say, the on track improvements are almost entirely down to his development driving behind the wheel of the F150, and the F2012 … as you may or may not know … Alonso is NOT a driver that can develop a car! …

    End of rant!

  • Not Bernie

    thanks for backing up what I just said.

  • fools

    So Sean… your telling me Ferrari are paying Alonso because he is NOT a development driver? Only Massa is?


  • Mustard

    Massa makes a good point though. Don’t get my wrong Massa is probably my favourite driver but no other driver would be willing to play second fiddle and development driver for a team like Ferrari. They’ll all be wanting to win the championship but with Alonso around that won’t happen.

    He has accepted his fate imo so in a twisted sense Felipe is correct

  • Butterfly

    What’s this nonsense about Felipe being a development driver?

    So you’re telling me Felipe is out there to develop the car and not to win points for the WCC, am I correct on that one?

    Jesus, trolls writing under different names and agreeing with himself.

  • Butterfly


    Felipe hasn’t accepted anything, he’s out there pushing Fernando as fast as he can.

  • Sean

    @Not Bernie,

    Great come back!!! … errrr… NOT! …

    Typical, immature, point scoring response … but nice to see that you agree with me on the point that you talk a load of cr4p … nothing worse than someone who thinks they know what they are talking about …


    That’s not what I said, Felipe took hit, Alonso would never have done that! …

    Again, that’s not what I said. I only have a limited “window” in which to relay a complicated explanation to people who are, well, not very complicated! … read into that what you will, you’ll get it, eventually!

    Then again ….

  • Apex Assassin

    Except Hulkenberg I’d agree with Felipe.

    Webber is a lateral move at best and Kimi already turned them down.

    Who’s left? No one better than Massa.

    Vettel, Rosberg, Hamilton all have contracts.

  • Mercheaters

    That’s Massa, looks yellow mark on the camera

  • Mercheaters

    I think Ferrari should consider Kamui, at least with Kamui, will open the door to “Big Money” from asia/japan……

  • Sean

    @Mercheaters …

    What? .., So you think Massa isn’t backed by Santander? You might think it’s a deal done to bring Alonso in, you’d be wrong. Here in Brasilia, Massanis the darling of Santander, again, you really should know this if you are making such comments …

    Had Kamui had sponsorship, he would have a drive! … His fans raised over £1m that he is still trying to use to secure a race next season! … So money for Ferrari from Asia. Plus, South America is a “strategically” important market for Ferrari considering how the BRIC nations and economies are performing …

    Just a thought, but does anyone here know anything about F1?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Slight modification: there is nobody better for Alonso than Massa. Massa makes Alonso shine. Any top driver would make Alonso Nr. 2. from day 1. It has happened in the past.

  • Sean

    @ Alonso_is_slow

    Please read the last line of my last post, the one just above yours …

    Point proved!

    I think I’ll slide on from this webshite.