Di Resta: It’s good to have that heat, you need to show your emotion

Paul di Resta admits tensions within Force India in Canada

Paul di Resta admits to tension within the Force India camp in Canada

Paul di Resta insists his relationship with Force India remains good, despite two rounds of hefty criticism – after Monaco and most recently Canada – and reports of a garage scuffle where punches were thrown.

The Scot was not only heavily critical of the team’s qualifying strategy in Monaco, when he said that the way Force India left him in the Montreal pits with a “minor problem” during the best track conditions last Saturday was “clearly not acceptable”.

After that, report of a scuffle between the 27-year-old’s trainer and a team mechanic were not denied by the Silverstone based team.

Still, di Resta insists that his angry criticism of Force India was “taken constructively” by the management.

“Everybody in the team felt the same,” he is quoted by the BBC. “The person who made the mistake apologised and I’m fully supportive of that.”

Paul di Resta during the Canadian GP where he finished 6th after starting 17th

Paul di Resta during the Canadian GP where he finished 6th after starting 17th

“Looking back, I don’t think I was too harsh. When you work with the team so closely, it’s good to have that heat because you need to show your emotion,” said di Resta.

“If I’d made a mistake twice, I’d be kicking myself and the team would come down hard on me – and rightly so.”

Di Resta moved on from his horror Montreal qualifying to finish a solid seventh on Sunday, on the occasion of Force India’s 100th Grand Prix.

“We regrouped,” he said, [we] “showed [that] we can do it and, as far as my relationship with the team is concerned, it’s still good.” (GMM)

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  • hag

    What would be really good is you disappearing out of F1.

    His nice guy smiley act that he has been showing us this year after getting new media training during the winter is freaky and weird to watch. Like a really bad politician on an election campaign.

  • Not Bernie

    17th to 7th. Not many drivers can do that.

    Otherwise, he’s just pushing the team to work harder and score more points. He’s dour because he knows what can be done and wants the tools to do it. That’s not something to be looked down upon.

  • Junior Johnson

    Well im just not pleesed or happy. Im come here to see the great mr Maldonado critisise and called hidius and ugly and no skill.Why is this unfarednes?this guy do resta is the real ugly he looks like a confuzed chimpanzey and his vilent like one too.

  • Lol.

    I find it incredible he spends all last season talking about how he should go to mclaren, spends all the pre-season sulking about how he didn’t go to mclaren, and now is being mardy with his probably justifiably demoted mechanics.

  • Lkjh

    Not Bernie, many drivers have done it, it is easy when you screw up qualifying with a fast car. You start low and easily end up in the points aor even podium by using a different strategy and sometimes luck at your hand. Don;t forget many people in front of him were unlucky too.

    This guy is overrated, has been beaten by all his teammates so far and still he thinks he is entitled to sit in the best seats.

  • bamza

    Personally I think the kid can drive. And got more common sense than Pm Sp and RG put together.