Button: We’re never going to win the championship this year

Jenson Button during the Canadian GP weekend

Jenson Button during the Canadian GP weekend

Hot on the heels of his downbeat summary of McLaren‘s performance in Canada, Jenson Button has now written off being a contender for the 2013 Formula 1 World Championship title.

The great British team’s lead driver said after failing to score points in Montreal that, seven races into the troubled development of the MP4-28, the gap to the front of the field remains “massive”.

Button has now told British newspapers: “We’re so far behind, we’re never going to win the championship this year.”

Indeed, with 12 races to go in 2013, Button is already more than 100 points behind in the drivers’ standings.

The obvious temptation for a heavily-resourced team like McLaren would be to now switch all of its focus towards the radical new regulations and an all-new, V6-powered car for 2014.

Jenson Button with McLaren engineers

Jenson Button with McLaren engineers

But Button suggested the Woking based team is determined to improve in 2013.

“We can still win grands prix,” he said, even though he ruled out a podium for his home British Grand Prix, next time out at Silverstone later this month.

As for how long the slump will last, the 33-year-old admitted: “No one knows the answer to that. It’s pointless for me to try and answer.”

Despite the low point in Canada, Button remains positive about racing on home soil,  Our car tends to work better on fast and flowing circuits – such as Malaysia or China – so I’m looking forward to my home race at Silverstone at the end of the month.”

He also revealed, “We tried some new parts this weekend, but they weren’t really suited for this type of circuit – they should work better at Silverstone, so I’m feeling positive about the future.” (GMM & Apex)

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  • Hawk

    => no downforce
    where you still optimistic on winning the championship as early as Shanghai?

  • Butterfly

    Ah, Jenson is really leading the team with that attitude. What a dork.

  • fapper

    wow JB. how can you boost the morale of the team if you keep on saying that? you’re just being a pessimist and almost always on the negative sign. how can you attract good vibes with that kind of attitude? smh!

  • hillside

    JB just wishes he could be Braun again.

  • Tamburello_1994

    So much for “building Mclaren around me” .

  • fools

    Perez to Button:

    “You mad bro”?

  • M451

    Some of you need to get into that car and we’ll see what you can do. He’s 107 points behind at this point, you can hardly blame him for saying he will not win the WDC, especially with the consistency of some drivers on the grid, like Raikkonen. Button is a great driver, and very optimistic, but if you still insist on surging for the title at this point, you’re just fooling yourself.

  • Hawk

    Beaten by Perez for the half the season!