Alonso: If we start up in front with Sebastian we can fight a little bit closer

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel on the Montreal podium

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel on the Montreal podium

Fernando Alonso knows better than anyone that there is no such thing as a safe lead in Formula 1, either in races or the championship, and after Canada is even more determined to take the fight to Sebastian Vettel.

Last year, the Spaniard led the championship by 40 points with nine races to go. He had scored points in 23 consecutive races, a mark only Michael Schumacher had bettered, and seemed a sure bet to win his third title.

Then the wheels fell off his campaign and Vettel stormed past him to win his third championship. It was a bitter lesson for Alonso and his Ferrari team but one that gives him hope this year’s title race is still up for grabs even though he trails Vettel by 36 points after seven of the 19 rounds.

He needed a good result in Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix and got it, finishing second. The only problem was that the one driver who finished in front of him was Vettel, meaning the Spaniard still lost ground in the title race.

He consoled himself with the fact that  “it could have been worse”.

Pitstop for Fernando Alonso in Canada

Pitstop for Fernando Alonso in Canada

Despite setting the fastest time in Friday’s practice when the track was dry, he started the race from sixth place after it rained during qualifying.

And he was still back in fourth place nearing the end of Sunday’s race before slipping past Mark Webber then Lewis Hamilton with a brilliant drive.

“I think second tastes of victory, because we scored some good points after a very difficult weekend,” he said.

Alonso said he never really had any chance of catching Vettel, who made a fast getaway from pole position and quickly established a big lead that was never threatened, but there were plenty of other positives.

The Ferrari showed plenty of pace when the sun came out, and he overtook Kimi Raikkonen for second place in the standings after the Finn struggled to ninth in Montreal.

Fernando Alonso in the Montreal pits

Fernando Alonso in the Montreal pits

“I’m happy. Obviously we want to finish in front of our main competitors in the championship,” said Alonso, world champion in 2005 and 2006.

“With Sebastian we could not do it today but he did pole position and a very dominant race so we just need to congratulate him and to do a better job next time.

“With Kimi it was a good weekend because we scored many points and he didn’t. But we need to improve, especially qualifying. If we start up in front with Sebastian we can fight a little bit closer. (Reuters)

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  • TT

    Alonso said a few weeks ago that RBR have no advantage like other seasons. Now he is not coming closer to Vettel, he again uses excuses.

    Fact is, Alonso sucks at qualifying and the only thing that makes him look good is when the RBR has shit tyre management while the Ferraris in the race is superior to others.

    If he can;t win the championship this season, he will eb out of excuses. It is him that is not delivering.

  • fools

    Its True.

    Only Alonso can challenge Vettel.

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • Butterfly

    I wonder if these “fans” watching F1 and completely ignoring the technical aspect are really interested in F1 at all. Saying something like Alonso sucks at qualifying is saying Alonso is not fast enough, which is something to laugh at. Hamilton himself said the Spaniard is incredibly fast, and that comes from a guy who’s himself incredibly fast.

    Lots of socker fans watching F1, I’m affraid.

    Take the car into consideration, guys, it’s 90% of the result. Unless, of course, the cars are equal, in which case the driver makes the difference.

    Really, I wish I’d stop reading nonsense on this site. SMH

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Even the fastest car is not fast enough for Alonso’s below-average driving skills to make him win – he is the Damon Hill of the decade.

  • Steve

    “Hamilton himself said the Spaniard is incredibly fast”

    There’s an impartial source of opinion.

    The fact is that in the last six and one-third seasons, Alonso has just seven pole positions. He is not good at qualifying.

  • fools



  • Hawk

    That RB has cured its illnesses. this is the point when we almost give up. It was untouchable in Montreal, and that will happen on all high downforce circuits. I might quit watching mid season. we are steadily heading towards crap season 2011.

  • Henk

    @ Hawk

    You are right. Once the Red Bull car hits its sweet spot in the season, then the championship is over. It may be the case this year. Alonso was right at the beginning of the championship: Red Bull were crying because for once they felt they no longer had the advantage. But it seems they have now found their way about the tyres, which is bad news for the season.

    Alonso_is_slow and Steve are the only two Bieber fans who think Alonso has had the quickest car since 2010. All their posts include the same and only thought. Either they are soccer fans or the caffeine and sugar in their “energy drink” has gotten to their brain.

  • MacStar227

    Alonso is by far the best driver on the current grid, he never gives up and fights to the end. Alonso qualifying 2nd or 3rd=race win.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Henk, wrong, I only said he has the fastest car now – and he said the same. You are quarreling with yourself.

  • hillside

    last week FA hoped for Bad luck to Seb, it turns out, Seb flew away from everybody in Montreal. now he wants to start front row side by side with Seb?? so whats next?

  • Butterfly

    I don’t think there has ever been a driver to be on the mind of literally everybody watching F1 as Alonso is.

    Everybody is thinking about what Alonso does. Everybody!

  • sbattermann

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see Vettel and Alonso on the same team?

  • Steve

    “Alonso qualifying 2nd or 3rd=race win.”

    Alonso qualified third in Malaysia, China, and Bahrain.

    Results: DNF, first, eighth.

  • fools


    It may happen…both of there contracts end at 2015.

    We all know Alonso is the only challenger towards Vettel. Why the heck to you think RB’s strategy is to go the quickest for the first few laps to build a gap between him and Alonso? Why??… because Alonso comes from out of nowhere from P6 to P2. That scares the crap out of RB. Imagine if Alonso had Webber’s car? He would slap Vettel without showing his hand.

    End of discussion.

  • fools

    steve. DNF was from a brake check or even a simple driver error. It happens but when can you replrt his last? Vettel kissed the Wall of Champions this past GP and also ran off the grass because he loses focus. Its clear he has his weaknesses.

    I remember clearly when Vettel lost to JB couple years ago on the last lap and got 2nd because he lost his focus. IM not keeping a log but there evidence.

    Alonso never loses focus.

    He is always a threat to any F1 team because he unites his team and plays with his team. Does what he can of his abilities with a slower car in his past and still today. Your comments for such an Alonso fan boy is impressive.

    Keep it up loser :)

  • Butterfly


    It wouldn’t be fun for Vettel, that’s for sure.

  • kuipelo

    “He is always a threat to any F1 team” Yeah, even his own team AND codriver… “he never gives up and fights to the end.” What about driving behind Vitali Petrov, crying “I give up!” ???

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso never loses focus, he just crashses. See how he lost the 2012 championship due to his own mistake.

  • Steve

    “DNF was from a brake check or even a simple driver error. It happens but when can you replrt his last?”

    DNF was from Alonso making a mistake.

    What does ” replrt his last” mean? If you mean “When is the last time Alonso crashed out of a race due to his own error before Malaysia” then answer is – just last year, at Suzuka.

    When is the last time Vettel crashed out of a GP? All the way back in Turkey 2010.

  • fools

    Which was caused by Kimi.

    Steve you need facts bro…Keep making your commission selling RB drinks.

  • Henk

    Steve and Alonso_is_slow are obsessed with Alonso. We get that. We are ok if you stick to your hate comments, as long as you stop bringing in your ‘facts’ about which car is fast, what driver is best, etc. Also, being a fan of RedBull and Bieber is opportunistic and tacky. Look at how Canadian fans react to that concept. They know their F1 there.

  • Butterfly

    It seems the trolls are even bigger fans of Alonso than the tifosi. Nice :-)

  • Anh Hao

    Henk: Canadian fans know their F1? Lolz lolz!!!

  • Henk

    @ Anh Hao

    Indeed. They have had a GP for years, world class drivers, and they always fill up their venue. From practice through quali to the GP. And they can discern between drivers.

  • Henk

    @ Anh Hao

    What is ‘lolz’ anyway? Please write correctly.