Last lap; Roquelin to Vettel on the radio: Monaco, 1988, Senna.

Sebastian Vettel with race engineer

Sebastian Vettel with race engineer Guillaume Roquelin on the podium in Montreal

Red Bull pulled Sebastian Vettel back into line, as he was about to set the fastest lap of the race, with three simple words on the very last lap of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The reigning world champion is famous for not only wanting to win races, but also secure the fastest lap of a grand prix.

So, at the start of his final tour of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve en route to victory on Sunday, Vettel began his quest with the fastest – or ‘purple’ – first sector of the entire race.

“I wasn’t surprised,” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport, “but I told his race engineer to bring him under control.”

In the past, engineer Guillaume ‘Rocky’ Roquelin’s instructions to Vettel about giving up the pointless quest for fastest laps have gone mostly unheeded.

So ‘Rocky’ tried a different strategy in Canada. Three words: “Monaco, 1988, Senna”.

Ayrton Senna made a rare error to crash out of the race whilst holding a commanding lead during the 1988 Monaco GP

Ayrton Senna made a rare error to crash out of the race whilst holding a commanding lead during the 1988 Monaco GP

Like many in Formula 1, Vettel knows well the tale of how legend Ayrton Senna threw away certain victory at Monaco 25 years ago when he lost focus and crashed.

Vettel, duly backing off for a safer cruise to the chequered flag, replied to his engineer: “OK, OK – I’m just kidding.”

Perhaps the 25-year-old thought in that moment about the state of the world championship, where in his quest for an ultra-rare fourth consecutive drivers’ title he stood to stretch his points lead to Fernando Alonso to 36 points.

Ferrari‘s Alonso, however, said afterwards that he’s not panicking yet.

Asked what points deficit will make him worry, the Spaniard answered on Sunday: “I think (when) we are 80 or 85 points behind.

“(That) will be a very critical situation, which is [a points gap of] more than three races.” (GMM)

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  • Not Bernie

    Vettel is a smart cookie. And he’s only just learning. He’ll be around for a long time.

    Given that he’s not got the fastest car this year (the Ferrari) or one which makes the best use of it’s tyres (Ferrari then Lotus) that he’s still winning shows the talent that he is.

  • Dsa

    Didn’t Ayrton get his own back after that Monaco by winning it the next 6 times in a row or something?

    Someone said he won it every single time after that until he died.

  • BigRed

    i actually dont like vettel but he’s actually starting to get mature compared to before

  • Butterfly

    Not Bernie:

    Not Vettel may be smart, but he’s nowhere near as smart as you are, sugar.

  • Butterfly


    He’s the same piece of garbage he’s ever been.

  • BigRed

    nope even i doubt him but i can actually see improvements
    his first two titles didnt count for me but last year was pretty close and convincing enough to me

  • hillside

    Seb’s confidence is full blown! with the right package… car, team management etc this kid is just unbeatable just like the other former champs

  • Butterfly


    Well, confidence is everything for drivers, isn’t it? It’s just that some of these guys can get the confidence out of nothing, while others need the right circumstances to get that.

    Still, I’m not bashing Vettel here. Adrian Newey or not, he’s got the confidence and delivers when the car is perfect. The team can’t ask for more, this formula obviously works for them.

    I just wish one of the more skilled drivers were winning races. But, this is F1.

  • ukblack

    Facts, there is no such more experienced driver than Vettel on the grid. Results’ consistency is just overwhelming and this guy is just 25! Fasten your belt and get ready for more, the field will be obliterated for years.

  • iMark

    Wow Big Black Butty is mad again…

    “I just wish one of the more skilled drivers were winning races. But, this is F1.” Oh sweetie… skilled like that spaniard with the best car on the grid, who lost like 4 positions at Monaco?

    I wish ferrari had one of the more skilled drivers helping them get a championship with that awesome, fast car, but this is F1.

  • hillside

    uhm no… athletes (not only f1drivers) that has the confidence that translates to success which is WINNING…. they win most of the time than the others and that what separates them from the rest.

    if you think “CONFIDENCE IS EVERYTHING FOR DRIVERS” then every driver on grid should win a race by the end of the year. well its not gonna happen.

    you think drivers from Marussia, Caterham and others have confidence?? what they only have is a big hope and optimism but not confidence

  • Butterfly

    Then, if confidence doesn’t make the difference among athletes, how do you explain mistakes done by pros like these? What makes an F1 driver or a tennis player (let’s say) make mistakes when he/she has been doing this since childhood.

    You know all the tricks, you’re physically prepared for competition, where do the mistakes come from?

    It’s confidence, and Vettel seems to have gathered enough of that to stop crashing into people. I think he hasn’t done that this year – for the first time in his career.

    For example, F1 Gods like Hamilton, Alonso, and Raikkonen can get the confidence out of themselves, they don’t really need the outright fastest car on the grid, which is why they’re so highly rated, and why they – especially Alonso and Hamilton – think Vettel’s a piece of garbage or, let’s say, not good enough.

    Put Adrian Sutil in the Red Bull for for years in a row, give him the title every year and see what confidence can do to the mind.

    I’ve seen Vettel a couple of times being down due to the car not being super-fast, and he was making even more mistakes than usual, crashing in practice and things like that.

    The kid is a good qualifier – as is Massa, Rosberg, Truli, and many others – but don’t for a second try to tell me that he’s the unstoppable force some of you are making him to be.

    In fact, it’s going to get messy for him once that fantastic team around him goes away. If he’s smart, he’ll stay at Red Bull as long as Newey is there, because that’s where his confidence comes from.

    By the looks of things, Red Bull have lost confidence in him staying, which is why they’re bringing Raikkonen over.

  • Steve

    Braterfly was one of the imbeciles in Montreal booing Vettel during his post race interview.

  • Steve

    “It’s confidence, and Vettel seems to have gathered enough of that to stop crashing into people. I think he hasn’t done that this year – for the first time in his career.”

    Alonso, on the other hand, continues to crash into people. Must be a lack of confidence!

  • Steve

    “his first two titles didnt count for me ”

    Alonso’s first two titles didn’t count for me. His car was clearly the best in the field. Adrian Sutil could have won in those Renault’s.

  • Steve

    ‘For example, F1 Gods like Hamilton, Alonso, and Raikkonen can get the confidence out of themselves, they don’t really need the outright fastest car on the grid,”

    Ha ha. Given that Alonso last won a title back in 2006, it very much DOES look like he needs the fastest car on the grid!

    You know what this is? Four (comments) in a row!

    Say it, Brat – four in a row!

  • hillside

    haha! just like i said, CONFIDENCE TRANSLATES TO WINNING!

    yea some athletes are down which usual but the one’s that have more confidence, in their carreer, they’re mostly UP than down (like a tennis player yea)

    now on the rest of your statement, i cant really comment because i dont have unrealistic imagination or fantasy.

    like really… you’ll wait for four years for Sutil in a RB and GIVE HIM A TITLE every year just to boost his confidence??

    must be puffin some crappy sh!t huh??lol

  • visz963

    looks like Alonso has a huge confidence problem since he cannot win with the fastest car :))

  • Butterfly

    Nice one, Steve, four posts in a row. Too much coffee?


    No, retard, I was saying that Sutil would have gotten the same results as Vettel and the same confidence. Take a moment to read the actual post.

  • visz963

    ‘For example, F1 Gods like Hamilton, Alonso, and Raikkonen…’

    let see these gods:

    -Hamilton beaten by Button over an entire season. Godlike? nooblike.
    -Alonso beaten by the same Hamilton but in a rookee form. Also beaten by Trulli. Outqualified by Massa 4 times in a row.Godlike? nooblike.
    -Raikkonen beaten by Massa over an entire season. nooblike.

    and the ‘unskilled’ Vettel? not beaten by anybody, anytime. Youngest 1x, 2x,3x champion, youngest winner.

    Bitterfly is the most entertaining person on this site. I enjoy over and over his lying to himself. He should be documented as the funniest cognitive dissonace syndrom victim ever.

    Some people just simply belong to the crowd as they dont understand the world. But Bitterfly is really amazing: his mind secretly knows that he is wrong, but it is easier for him to tell the same lies to to whole world instead of saying the truth to himself.

    He is the kind of people who burned Galieli and litigated against Darwin!

  • fools

    not bernie again claiming Ferrari are the fastest yet always stating false stats.

    Did you watch the race? Webber and Vettel were fastest. Alonso set 2nd fastest until Webber did.

    Smoking crack is bad for you for bernie

  • Steve

    Bratefly is even more stupid and obnoxious than usual. What happened?

    Oh, that’s right … Vettel won again!

  • Butterfly

    The trolls are getting angry, that’s for sure. Especially when a girl is giving them such a hard time.

    Oh, look, visz963 is back with wisdom from the land of Hungary.

    Steve, you’re dumber than visz963, and that’s hard to do, frankly.

  • visz963


    that’s it go on – when facts fail you, you start hopeless personal attack against those who said them

    a totally sick mind with irreversible defects

    you will have a difficult life – but we will have good entertainment as long as you keep on commenting:)

    Do it!

  • Steve

    “F1 Gods like Hamilton, Alonso, and Raikkonen”

    In a just few more months Vettel will have as many WDC’s as all three of these “gods” put together.

  • hillside

    really, did you say retard?? thats exactly my thoughts whenever i get to read your comments

    really Sutil?? whos that guy??

  • Tamburello_1994

    Reading some of these posts it’s gonna be a long hot summer for the resident tifosi.

  • bamza

    If steve and imark had half a brain between them they would realise Fernando IS the best driver in F1 with out a doubt.

  • Not Bernie

    The Alombies are using their normal tactics. If they can’t support their argument with facts they simply insult everybody else.

    It’s really quite sad.

  • Butterfly

    Not Bernie:

    Well, I don’t expect a troll to understand facts. People like you have the logic of a stoner. All you do is try to piss people off, regardless of whether they’re right or not.

    You troll even if you know you’re wrong. Normally, people like you should go see a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. You might one day decide to shoot everybody in the nearest coffee shop.

    I wouldn’t want to be you, mate.

  • Tinto

    Alonso, Hamilton, Kimi Gods? That is just a plain stupid statement.

    I like Kimi, he is a charming lad, but his habit drinking vodka is what kills him as well. Good boy, but not enough even for one of God’s saints.

    Hamilton? Read on a site a very interesting statistics. The only F1 champion in 22 years that won less 1st podiums than the runner up (Lewis 5, Massa 6). What a lame championHis average place overall is between 3 and 4, that means out of the podium the honour the best of all.

    Alonso? He is fading for sure, good racer, but lacks many other features. Vettel stature is just too big keeping the boys hidden from the Sun, lost somewhere in F1 platoon.

  • fools

    not from me but I agree with another person comment from another F1 site:

    “Obviously Vettel doesn’t want to work for his wins. We saw in Canada that he made a few mistakes while leading the race, and we hear many times how Rocky keeps on telling him to be careful, or whatever else advice he gives him. Vettel just wants a quiet Sunday drive from pole to win without too much work inbetween. Just drive away from the opposition at his own pace. This is what Red Bull have allowed him to do so far. But this year he has to work for his wins and he’s not happy”.


    I agree 100 percento :)