Hamilton: We just need to keep pushing to close the gaps to these guys

Third placed Lewis Hamilton on the Montreal podium

Third placed Lewis Hamilton on the Montreal podium

In the aftermath of the Canadian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton cut a forlorn figure despite finishing third in the race, suggesting that something is amiss with the Mercedes driver. Nevertheless he spoke after a tense afternoon at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

You seem to have a lot of fans here Lewis…
Lewis Hamilton: I have a great time here every year, and thank you for all the support, I have a great time.

We all were enthralled how clean, how correct and yet how exciting the fight was with Fernando. What did you damage on the car?
LH: I think some small part of my wing came off. It was very, very close, we had a good battle, he was very, very fair and I hope we can get a bit quicker in the next race.

You qualified in front of your team-mate, you raced in front of your team-mate. That must have been a bit of a help after Monaco, I presume. You feel really good about going forward with this team?
LH: Yes, the car’s getting better and the guys are doing a fantastic job, so we just need to keep pushing to close the gaps to these guys.

Once again on the podium here in Canada. We thought you might be trying to get Fernando back again. Was that a possibility?
LH: Clearly not, because I didn’t get him. He was massively quick and it was very difficult to keep him behind. I tried my best. I got close once he got past me, but he was just generally took quick for me. But you know, it’s still a good result for me considering that these guys are massively quick.

Earlier this week you talked to us about your brakes. How were they in this race, maybe the best they’ve been all season?
LH: No. Not really. Generally, again, very similar to other races. Still need to improve and that’s where Fernando was really catching me everywhere.

Mercedes dominated second position for 63 laps of today’s 70 lap race and then you lost out with seven to go to Fernando. Was there any one thing that you didn’t have that meant to you lost that position with so little time left?
LH: I guess it’s just grip, just lack of grip. The car was fantastic, I’m assuming those guys had even better than that. But generally it’s been really good. I was just lacking a little bit of grip in the lower speed… perhaps the chicane. Fernando seemed to be particularly quick in the lower speed corners.

The last two circuits were not demanding in terms of tyre wear. It looked like Mercedes made a step forward in terms of the tyre wear, that was the weakest point you had. Can you explain this development you’ve made on the car, what happened exactly to make this step forward?
LH: I think it’s just been a work in progress. We haven’t really… we haven’t cured anything, it’s not been a long period of time since Barcelona where there was big trouble. I guess we’ve just been to two tracks where it’s not got high speed corners, so therefore it’s not really been a problem. We’ve worked on a couple of techniques to look after the tyres a bit more, brake cooling and all that kind of stuff has been added as well, which helps.

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