Alonso: Second place has a victory taste because we scored good points

Second placed Feranndo Alonso drenches race winner Sebastian Vettel

Second placed Feranndo Alonso drenches race winner Sebastian Vettel

Fernando Alonso did what he does best by slugging his way from sixth on the grid to second place on the podium after a tense and hard fought Canadian Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver making the most of a car which was clearly not the pick of the bunch. He spoke afterwards.

You said that you thought you may have a chance to come from sixth position to hopefully get a win here, I was saying ‘how’s he going to try and do that?’ And you nearly did it. Magic, magic tenacious drive.
Fernando Alonso: Yesterday obviously we didn’t have a good qualifying, I didn’t put the lap together and also the conditions didn’t help but we knew that the pace in dry conditions of the car on Friday was good, so we had some hopes. Obviously we are fighting with top drivers and I have a very good fight with Mark, with Nico, with Lewis at the end. And it’s not easy. Even if you have a little bit more pace, they are super-talented ones and it was difficult race. But at the end I think the second place has a victory taste because we scored some good points after a very difficult weekend.

You had some great battles and it took quite a while to get past Lewis. Was it just the speed coming out of the hairpin? It took quite a while, even with DRS.
FA: I think it was the pace difference was very, very small. With other battles we did maybe I was a little bit more fast, a little bit faster than the people I was catching. With Lewis we were really very close on the pace and there was some moments going out of turn eight to see who had the detection point and then in turn 10 the same thing, at the last chicane, so there was some action there. But it was nice to have these battles, particularly this race with so talented drivers, so intelligent drivers, that, you know, you fight wheel-to-wheel at 315km/h and you feel safe. You feel you are racing and you are competing. It can go your way or it can go the other way, but this is real racing. So, very happy to see this back after Monaco. It’s a little bit different.

How much did qualifying hurt you because starting sixth getting to second was a big race. Could you have done better, do you think, if you had started on the first or second row?
FA: I don’t know really. I think you will never know. Qualifying is qualifying and it’s better to be on pole position but I think the last pole position in dry conditions was September 2010 so it’s not the strong point of the team. On Sunday, we normally pick up the pace a little bit about which we are happy because the points are gained on Sunday, but it’s true that at some races, if you start too far behind, it’s difficult to recover, but we will try to improve next time.

In Monte Carlo we talked to one another and you were very confident for Montreal, and you said to me ‘I’m going to be on the podium.’ Congratulations, and I would like you to say something to the Italian community here because there’s a very very big Italian community.
FA: In Monaco we were not competitive for different reasons. In a way, we were not competitive here on Saturday, maybe for the same reasons, for the conditions that we need to do a better job compared to the others. In some conditions we are not competitive enough, so we need to work on that. And then for the Italian people here in Montreal, I think they support Ferrari all the time, they enjoy Formula One. You see the atmosphere in this race is very very unique, not only here on the track but from the time you land at the airport, you see a very enthusiastic people about this race. You put the TV on, they are talking about the meteo for the Grand Prix. They’re talking about the qualifying, the practice, the shops on the streets are full of flags, Ferrari flags etc, so it’s very nice to race here. We didn’t give them a win today but I think we put on a good show for everybody and hopefully we give a win for them in the next one when they are watching TV.

Are you worried for the British Grand Prix, with your pace in qualifying because normally it’s cold weather; do you believe you can be OK in Silverstone?
FA: I believe so. I think it’s a different circuit, completely different asphalt, generating a lot of stress in the tyre: Silverstone, Nurburgring compared with very easy tracks on tyres like Monaco, Canada where you are looking for one or two stops. Silverstone will be different, I think. We know that the temperature is not helping us at the moment, but we cannot say anything because there are other people going very fast in those conditions, so it’s up to us to improve. We have some ideas and hopefully at Silverstone we can improve on that.

When do things started getting desperate? Seb seems to be gaining points at every race now and you’re falling further and further behind. When do you really have to start winning?
FA: I think we are eighty or eight-five points behind. It will be a very critical situation, which is more than three races. In the past – I touched on this in Australia or Malaysia – in the last six or eight years, there were people recovering from more than 30 points on the old points, which is three races so it’s 75 or 80 points. So hopefully we’re going to arrive to that number. (FIA)

  • jl

    good,… alonso can win his races and vettel in front of him. :)

  • Not Bernie

    Please also, if you could Alonso, explain why you were seen in Canada overtaking under yellow flags? During the race you overtook a back marker within a yellow flag zone, as indicated by the flashing square. Can you explain if what we seen on TV was wonrg and it was outside the marshal posts?

  • visz963

    Alonso clearly missed a big opportunity with his car being fastest and suited to the track. Words cant make up for that. Next four tracks are Vettel’s.

  • fools

    visz. why come here not knowing anything?

    Why do you ask questions that will not be answered because your question makes no sense and your coming onto this article as a TROLL.

    Why even bother to comment.

    Alonso was penalized because he did not wrong. As you can see no investigation has been set.

    Just like Ferrari doing a private test yet they were within regulations as so was Alonso. If Alonso isnt as good as you faggets claim. Why is he 2nd in points currently with 3 crap races? and 2 wins? and 4th all time most wins?

    Yeah…thats quite crap stats right there you morons.

    Bernie…why dont you ask the FIA. Why come to here o TROLL with no answers given to your troll comment?

    Ignorant again.

  • fools

    After seeing the picture above. Why do so many Alonso trolls/haters bash him? What did he do to you but win the races he did? Vettel plays more of his childdish antics more the any driver in F1 history. Even LH has calm down from his antics.

    Alonso is everyone favorite because trolls come to comment on his related articles and they claim they arent fans. Heck im a huge fan of Alonso and you guys beat me to the comments.

    Just shows how much you all love him :)

    Thanks for supporting Alonso.

    Alonso is a good dude. He likes Vettel. Just look at him congratulating him on podium. Didnt you fags watch the race? He seemed clearly likable.

  • Steve

    The biggest problem with Alonso is his fans. (Just as the biggest problem with Hamilton is HIS fans)

    People who feel the need to claim that Vettel is a hopelessly average driver in the greatest car F1 has ever seen are not in a good position to object then their favorite is subjected to criticism. I used to try to be fair and evenhanded about all the drivers. But about the five thousandth time I read some nasty little person calling Vettel every name in the book, I grew out of that.

    Watching those Alonso fans booing and jeering Seb on the podium was disgusting. There are really some scummy people following this sport, and most of those scummy people appear to have an irrational hatred of Seb Vettel.

    You want respect? Try giving some.