Webber: Formula One lap times at GP2 pace is quite extreme

Mark Webber speaks to media in Montreal

Mark Webber speaks to the media in Montreal

Speaking ahead of the Canadian GP weekend Mark Webber has given insight into what it takes to race under the prevailing conditions in Formula One, and admits that it is difficult to pin point where the satisfaction element comes in from a drivers perspective.

The Red Bull driver told media in Montreal, “It’s very strategic with messages from the pitwall saying ‘This is where the tyres are, this is what we are probably capable of doing so can you get us there, please. That is your job, can you please get us to that lap’, instead of more pushing the boundaries and having a crack at it.”

The straight talking Australian added, “So it is a very different type of racing, no question about it. You still have some nice moments in the car but it’s hard to put your finger on the satisfaction side of it now.”

Mark Webber at Monaco

Mark Webber at Monaco

Webber will be starting his 203rd grand prix on Sunday in Canada and since 2002, when he made his debut, has seen many changes in F1.

“As a group, the guys who are north of 100 GPs have seen a different make-up of how the grands prix are run these days. It is in our skill-set to have to deal with these challenges, as we always have whether it be with V8s, V10s, refuelling, one-lap qualifying. I’ve seen most of the scenarios we’ve had to play with and it’s important for the driver to deal with that,” mused Webber.

“But we saw in Monaco, I started to look after my first set of tyres when we got to Turn 3 and Nico [Rosberg] was doing the same. It is different. Monaco was quite an extreme case with certain lap times around GP2 pace, that’s getting quite extreme you would say,” added Webber.

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  • Not Bernie

    In short, the Pirelli tyres are making F1 sh*t.

  • mitchw

    Is this F1 or ’99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?’ Counting down laps isn’t why I’ve followed the sport for so long.

  • Webber has no balls

    I think Ferrari showed you could run hard on these tires in Spain, they did not back off and the tires did not blow up on them.

    Maybe these drivers should stop crying and start racing. So what if they have to make one or two more pit stops during a race.

    No one was complaining when Schumacher and Ferrari had those special Bridgestone tires that no other team was allowed to have and he was making extra pit stops and sprinting all out through the race while the rest had slower tires and where trying to make it to the end of those races.

    Talk about an unfair situation.

    Every team and driver has the same tire now so shut the hell up Mark Webber and please retire because you have become nothing but a cry baby along with a handful of other drivers who have become cry babies.

    The teams that push hard will win the races, the teams who try and play the poor me card and run around slow will fall back. It is that simple.

  • nealio

    Shouldn’t an F1 driver know what his tires are doing and be capable of maximizing thier performance to beat his opponents?
    What is the point of whinging about a component which everyone has in common? Get on with it!

  • Apex Assassin

    I hate to agree, but Webber is 100% correct.

  • KevinW

    I think whats a bore is that in 3 years, F1 has stagnated. Laps times and total race times are stalled. So that makes each year a repeat of the prior year, with more gadgetry added to patch up competition since the rules restrictions have slammed the door on innovation. The tires, DRS, KERS, and fan indifference to the degradation of F1 from penultimate of all motorsport to spec racer tire endurance test is what’s killing F1. It’s just not as interesting as in once was overall. The processions everyone is bleating on about remains, now from mid point in the race as everyone nurses rubber to the end – a parade is a parade, whether you see it early or late. Meanwhile the excitement of year over year progression in performance is dead – much to the glee of some it appears.

  • You don’t have a clue KevinW

    Yeah KevinW lets go back to the days when Ferrari and Schumacher had a special tire from Bridgestone that only they were allowed to use and we can again watch a Ferrari lead a parade of cars and everyone will always know who the winner will be before the race even starts. Boy those sure were exciting days in fact they were so exciting fans left in droves unlike today where more people are watching because of the unpredictability.

    You claim race pace has stagnated yet the 2013 cars are a full 4 seconds a lap faster than the 2010 cars were according to Pirelli.