Raikkonen: I don’t feel any different now, Perez f#cked up our race

Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi Raikkonen speaks to media in Canada

Ten days has done nothing to quell the anger which Kimi Raikkonen felt after the collision with Sergio Perez at the Monaco GP, which cost the Lotus driver a bundle of points.

Although the Finn went on to claim a single point, in truth ten points were almost in the bag before Perez tried a move into the Nouvelle Chicane which went awry beacuse Raikkonen closed the door on the McLaren driver.

In Canada when asked about the incident, Raikkonen responded, “I don’t feel any different now because it does not change the fact that he f#cked up our race. Even if you asked one year from now it’s still the same ending. We got one point back but it doesn’t take away that it wasn’t right.”

Raikkonen was fuming in the aftermath of the Monte Carlo race and went as far as saying that “maybe someone should punch him in the face” and labelled the Mexican ‘stupid’.

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez during the Monaco GP

Kimi Raikkonen chased by Sergio Perez during the Monaco GP

“I spoke with the stewards and they thought it was a racing incident. They said I did nothing wrong but obviously there has to be somebody who did something wrong. I don’t think it’s going to change anything but Charlie spoke to Perez. I don’t know what they talked about,” said the man popularly known as Iceman.

Raikkonen admitted that he is wary of certain drivers when racing out on track, “Sometimes you have to be [wary] with some guys because you cannot trust them. With the top five guys you trust them, and you know if they are there, they are not going to turn into your line and they are going to race fair.”

He added, “We can be hard but we can be fair, it’s okay to be aggressive but you have to have some idea behind an overtaking manoeuvre and not just hope that your rival is going to move over. Certain guys will race hard and fair and some guys you don’t know what to expect.”

Kimi Raikkonen arrives on Ile Notre Dame with trainer Mark Arnall

Kimi Raikkonen arrives on Ile Notre Dame with trainer Mark Arnall

Perez appeared unperturbed by the furore as he arrived in Montreal, and unconcerned about what Raikkonen might have to say or will do, “I’m not worried at all. Firstly because they are very mature drivers, and secondly because they are driving [for] the championship.”

Reflecting on Monaco the Mexican, in his first year as a McLaren driver, said “I think Kimi regrets more the loss of points from the last race, so I think we are all very mature and there’s nothing to take in to the next couple of races.”

“We have to fight, and if I’m in the same position I will fight them again and I will try to be as fair as possible,” declared Perez, who lies 12th in the championship standings.

Raikkonen, who won the season opening Australian GP, is second in the championship and trails leader Sebastian Vettel by 21 points.

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  • hillside

    this is the delema of the “contenders” now. in any given race, FA, LH, Seb etc can be taken out by these scrub drivers…. and they’re TOO MANY of them out there.

    back in the day its only a handful like Panis and Verstappen and both fought hard and tough wheel to wheel but not foolish and stupid like these kids in the grid now.

  • Rod Salazar

    What “Icecream Kimi” -ahem-, Iceman Raikonen -sorry, my bad- Fernando Alonso, and Jenson Button wants is a 2 million, 800 hp, beautiful cars parade. And they forget their own mistakes of the past.

    They are getting old and they don’t want to be overtaken by an “inferior” -just in their eyes- driver, as Perez, Sutil, Hulkenberg, or so.

    The Establishment they want is a paceful 200 mph cruising, where the positions is defined by team strategies and weak tyres performances so they get close to unite their “experienced” and “weighty” voices to claim against any who defy them.

    I’m seeing Vettel, Rosberg and Hamilton on front too, but the don’t complain at all. They race. Even between team-mates. So Kimi, Shut up and drink your Finn Vodka.

  • bamza

    What a load of cobblers Salazar. The top drivers race hard yet seldom make contact unlike the muppets.

  • iMark

    lol this guy needs to get over it. He took alonso out at suzuka last year, I didnt see alonso crying 2 weeks for that. Damn, I used to like his way of handling things, not so iceman/cold after all.

  • mini

    ooo yeah freakin thinkin u could have overtaken vettle.. u sucky feela.. perez was there racing and you were there making it boring.

  • =El Presidente=

    @hillside :

    yes too many of those average drivers, with above average backing. I totally agree.
    Also Perez is very arrogant, already without having achieved anything in F1 other then make the best (probably) of a Sauber last year.

    I think the only thing McL sees in that kid is the 30Milllion backing from telmex.

  • bamza

    small memory mark alonso was moaning for a fortnight

  • Perez should be on a donkey not in a F1 car

    Perez should be riding a donkey back in Mexico, he is not qualified to be in a Formula One car.

    This is what pay drivers has done to Formula One, it has brought in a bunch of idiots who do not have the talent to get their on their own ability.

    McClaren has really gone down hill. It is sad they have fallen so far that have to now take on pay drivers.

  • suen

    the point is that it was not the first time when Perez crushed into someone and ruined other’s race! what is more important, he himself has not shown any regret and even insisted that he was right.

    those who say perez’s actions were funny and interesting while kimi’s boring, hopefully checo will ruin your driver’s race in some other days. and that must be extremely interesting and exciting~~
    can wait to see it.lol

    and what? you support checo?then hope one day some other idiots crush into him and blame him for the accident , especially when he is a contender. do not forget to enjoy it!!

  • mini

    u suck kimi

  • Elfredore

    Well that is Kimmi’s quota of words for the year gone..

  • Tinto

    Folks, just watch the race summary video on Formula1 site or others and you can see how foolishly Perez screwed up Kimi’s race. And you don’t need to be a Sergio or Kimi fan for that to draw a honest conclusion.

  • Barlow

    It seems to me that you have to be in front right out if the tunnel to overtake before the chicane, not in it!! It’s like trying to overtake at the hairpin, there is not very much room. Perez quite possibly is a dick. In 2007 Kimi won the WDC by one point, at Monaco he lost 10 points because of Perez’s stupidity and poor judgement, no wonder Kimi is still pissed, 10 points is a lot!!

  • pepegold

    Get over it bunch of pussies!! Perez is not only there for having a strong sponsor, a proof is that he’s been outperforming Button, although not in points, but that’s because he’s not as experienced as him.

  • bamza

    Kimi rulz Checo drulz

  • Calvinette

    Aren’t we getting fed up of this saga already?

    I can easily see why Kimi is pissed off, but if Perez keeps driving like an idiot there is a good chance he will take out Vettel next time, or Alonso. Which would even things out a bit as regards the WCD. I doubt he will crash into Kimi again.

  • iMark

    yo icecream, u mad? remember suzuka 2012 vs alonso ;) did he called you idiot? stupid? stop crying u brat.

  • Fletcher

    I can’t believe this so called Iceman who I lost all respect for by the way, is still bitching and whining about a racing incident. Icecream man you blew it. If you believe your words and say he was driving up your ass too fast then you should have left him room so he can overshoot the chicane but no you decide to ruin your own race. numbnut

  • bamza

    strum ur banjos mark n fletcher ur sisters are waitin

  • Fletcher

    I don’t have a sister and guess what it was revealed that Charlie Whiting also says it was Raikonen’s fault so go cry to your mommy. You’re following the wrong sport. This is racing.

  • bamza

    halleluja it was revealed unto thee. like what ever