Perez: The manoeuvres I did were right, I did nothing stupid

Sergio Perez in Canada

Sergio Perez in Canada

McLaren Formula One driver Sergio Perez has defended himself against criticism that he drove like “an idiot” at last month’s Monaco Grand Prix, insisting that he did nothing wrong.

The Mexican came under fire from rival drivers after he collided with F1 title contender Kimi Raikkonen in the most recent race of the championship but is adamant that he was not to blame.

“Every manoeuvre that you try to do in Monaco to try to overtake people is on the limit,” Perez told reporters on Thursday ahead of this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. “I did a couple of moves on the limit which at the end of the day went badly. The result was not the one I was expecting.

“But, I think the manoeuvres I did, they were right. I did nothing stupid.”

Perez made contact with Raikkonen when he tried to overtake him at the entrance to a chicane on the tight Monaco street circuit. Raikkonen’s Lotus suffered a tyre puncture and he fell back through the field as a result of having to pit for a new tyre, before recovering to finish 10th.

Sergio Perez leads teammate Jenson Button during the Monaco GP

Sergio Perez leads teammate Jenson Button during the Monaco GP

Raikkonen, who is currently second behind Sebastian Vettel in the championship standings, suggested angrily that the 23-year-old McLaren driver needed “a punch in the face”.

But Perez, who failed to finish the race, said that he was unfazed by the criticism and did not expect any lingering problems at Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, another tricky street circuit.

“At the end of the day we are humans, and you are very upset, very angry, and straight away you want to criticise somebody,” Perez said.

“I felt he ruined my race, he felt I ruined his race so it’s very easy to make a comment straight away after the race.

“At the end of the day it happened. I’ll move forward from that and I look forward to doing a great race here.”

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  • what a f****** selfish idiot!!!

    perez, you are so selfish idiot!
    you has stupid desire with wrong decision.
    it can be happen, coz you, just green experienced.

    it’s time to say sorry to wcs competitor. shut up with another word.

  • bamza

    Stop ruining Kimis championship Perez you self centered idiot.

  • iMark

    what a bunch of pussies around here… I prefer watching this guy overtaking 3x at monaco than your tyre-saver idol keep the position for 78 laps. Go watch PGA golf tour kids.

  • Andhee

    GO Perez !!

    we watch F1 because overtake manuver like this…

    not because a bunch driver playing train with fast car

  • seno

    you are totally idiot man,
    you crushed kimi from behind, and did’nt you know it makes kimi felt a few points form vettel. stupid bastard

  • mini

    u people suck .. all he was doing was racing.. u boring people.. and
    kimi is the one who should say sorry… making formula 1 boring and boring day by day… stupid

  • bamza

    the best hardest racing happens when the muppets arnt involved. dumbass driving isnt exiting . you fellas should go watch stock cars

  • =El Presidente=

    Dear Perez,

    Please pull your head out of your megalomaniac arse.

    kind regards,

    =El Presidente=

  • Not Bernie

    The overtakes he did previous to the Kimi crash were brilliant. Unfortunately the Kimi was late and where there was no room. It was stupid and he’d be calling someone who did likewise exactly that; stupid.

    However, without Perez Monaco would have been spectacularly dull!

  • =El Presidente=

    @ imark, i prefer Sutil doing his overtakes, because they were true overtakes and not halfbaked idiotic moves.

  • AlonsoFan

    the title says it all “Perez: The manoeuvres I did were right, I did nothing stupid”

    Perez you *uckin idiot…people with gp2 mentality don’t deserve a seat in F1,..

  • nealio

    Perez learned a lesson at Monaco, although Raikkonen is going for the championship it hasn’t made him timid. Kimi is too hard a racer to put up with half*ssed attempts at passes where he owns the line. Hey Checo, putting your front wheel up to a competitors rear wheel isn’t a pass, DUH!

  • ruthvin

    For all those people who wwnt to watch racing as in perez style…. f1 is not for u. If u want to see overtakes then look at alonso and raikkonen. Alonso made super pass on kimi and hamilton in spain. Kimi didi super passes on shumi in spa and on hulkemberg .. now that is racing. Not the perez style

  • iMark

    u bunch of pussies need to watch Golf instead. Perez was the only spectacle at monaco, and thats why Im paying sat tv, stfu.

  • Gh

    Kimi is so boring, im glad someone nearly took him out of the race

  • Fletcher

    How would people react now against Senna for crashing to other more experienced drivers when he was racing. I remember when Mansell had Senna by the throat at the end of one race or G Villenueve for making racing exciting to watch even though he to made silly mistakes. I like Perez style of being aggresive and exciting. Besides Kimi was too slow and should’ve been shown the blue flag lol

  • bamza

    strum ur banjos buddies