Michelin said to be considering Formula One return

Michelin F1 tyres

Michelin F1 tyres

Michelin is the latest tyre manufacturer being linked with a return to F1 beyond 2013.

In recent days, former supplier Bridgestone joined Korea’s Hankook in playing down any prospects of replacing Pirelli as official tyre suppliers next season.

Manuel Franco, the correspondent for the Spanish sports daily AS, wrote on Thursday: “In the Montreal paddock it is being said that Michelin representatives have met with F1 executives to look into returning to the sport.”

Michelin returned to F1 in 2001 to compete against Bridgestone, but fell out badly with the FIA in the wake of the 2005 US Grand Prix fiasco at Indianapolis, and pulled out a season later when F1 moved to a control-tyre formula.

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  • Jl

    Anyone but Pirelli.

  • Stop blaming Pirelli

    Stop blaming Pirelli because they built the tire that was asked of them.

    Tires are part of the race and the best drivers will be able to manage their tires. F1 does not need tires that will go the race distance.

  • lio

    @stop blaming pirelli – Nobody asked for an F1 tire that’s only good for 7 laps.
    Besides Pirelli acknolwedge their weak tires that’s why they are planning a change on or before silverstone.
    F1 is largely a competition of power and whole package. Without a proper tire, the teams won’t be able to show their car’s awesome power.

  • Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Anyone but Pirelli! Please!

  • B@rney

    The FOTA asked Pirelli to produce shorter-lived tyres to introduce more pit stops, not to build tyres with an unpredictable and exceedingly narrow performance window. Or that shed clag by the tonne. Pirelli threw in the latter three gratis, apparently the result of inadequate and/or inept development and testing.

    In his final stint at Shanghai, Vettel got exactly three (3) laps out of a new set of option (soft) tyres before his lap times fell off dramatically. After his installation lap, he went 1:36.808, then 1:37.256, 1:38.211 & 1:40.051. Mark Webber is quoted today in this same web site saying he spent part of his race at Monaco (which, I would note, he twice has won) lapping at GP2 speeds.

    Pirelli have out-clevered themselves, thinking they could create a new tyre performance characteristic, and manage it from circuit to circuit, so both the fans and the teams would approve. What they have done instead is transform F1 into a timed road rallye in which drivers must “drive to the Delta” and no faster, else the disinte-Pirellis …disintegrate.

  • zak

    Pirelli out please.