Lotus will not agree to race at Silverstone with new tyre changes

Eric Boullier

Eric Boullier

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier has poured cold water on Pirelli’s plans to introduce new tyres at Silverstone later this month.

Initially wanting to race the tweaks this weekend in Canada, Formula One’s tyre supplier said instead that they will be merely tested on Friday ahead of full introduction in Britain.

But Boullier is quoted by RMC Sport in Canada: “The [new] tyres will not happen in England.

“Pirelli will test the tyres but they need the unanimity of the teams to change the rules, or at least change the type of tyres, and today they haven’t got it.”

Boullier said the hard lobbying of some teams, notably Red Bull and Mercedes, will not make any difference.

“The rules are the same for everyone,” he insisted. “They [the current 2013 tyres] were tested in Brazil last season.

“It is a major component of the sporting and technical sides this year, so I don’t see why we should change during the season.”

World champion Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, is arguing that the tweaked tyres should be pushed through immediately, because rear delamination is a clear safety issue.

“Neither is overly safe, is it?” the German answered, when told of the distinction between tyres that deflate and those that simply delaminate.

“I don’t want to dramatise, but we saw what can happen with Felipe Massa when the driver is struck by a flying object. I don’t want a flying tread to hit my head,” Vettel is quoted by Speed Week. (GMM)

Subbed by AJN.

  • Kimiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    The racing is shit, the races are confusing, Grosjean is shit and boullier is an idiot! He keeps Grosjean in the team only because hes French. He doesn’t want new tyres even though most fans want better tyres! F1 is nothing without the fans im not watching if this keeps going on. With new tyres I mean 1-2 stops. 1 stop would be hard but 2 stops would be the most safe strategy. and you would be able to race!

  • Apex Assassin

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. So they’ll break their contract with FOM? LOL, who comes up with this crap?

  • Good for Lotus

    How are they breaking a contract? The rules are very clear that tires will not be changed during the year.

    The only exception is for safety and these tires are not unsafe.

    Lotus designed their car for these tires, just because the team you pull for failed to make their car work with these tires does not mean everyone else should have to be punished so they can get a break.

  • BobMendon

    “These tires are not unsafe….” Really? Maybe Good for Lotus would like to be hit in the face with a 20 pound piece of rubber that’s travelling 190 KMPH.

  • KevinW

    Eric is betting that other teams will fail to come to terms with the tires as they are, giving Lotus the opportunity to use one less stop to cover for their slower pace – which is the sole reason their tires are lasting longer. Ultimately Red Bull, Ferrari and even Merc (with the added help of the FIA and Pirelli it appears) will get past their issues and reduce their stops as well, without slowing the pace – ending any small advantage Lotus might be defending.

  • Apex Assassin

    LOL @ Lotus boy:

    I’d say Lotus designed their car for these tyres, no doubt! And they are the only team able to do so considering all of their personnel were at the thr first Pirelli tests with the 2010 chassis.

    Lotus have a contract to race every round, like all the top teams. Breach of contract at the very least subjects them to penalty for noncompliance.

    And really, by the looks of things Lotus need to focus on using this weeks tyres, finding a title sponsor and the funds required to develope the car, try and keep the best driver on the market, rather than make outlandish statements of complete nonsense.

    Lotus not going to race at Silverstone, lol. And that you believe it too! I bet you think Pirelli have been good for F1.

  • Steve

    “Lotus designed their car for these tires”

    That’s bass-ackwards. Pirelli designed their tyres for and with the Lotus car.

  • God are you people stupid

    Lotus did not say they are not going to race at Silverstone, they said they will not agree to race on the revised tire at Silverstone.

    What that means is it takes all of the teams to agree to any change so if Pirelli can’t get every team to agree to the change than Pirelli can’t do it.

    Reading comprehension is not a strong point for a lot of you I see.

    Ferrari is already good on the current tire and is not in favor of changing it either, the same with Force India. So right now you have at least three teams who will not agree to changing the current tires.

    No tire can grantee that a tread will not delaminate at high speed so changing the tires under that guise is just an excuse. In fact changing the tires may introduce a real safety issue of instead of the tire delaminating it will instead explode. I am sure the drivers would rather have a tire that delaminates and stays inflated allowing them to keep control of the car and make it back to the pits for a tire change rather than having the tire explode and cause them to crash.

    Hell the way most of you people want things just get rid of the cars and put the drivers in a simulator and be done with it.

    The tires are the same for everyone deal with it.

  • Don

    Wanting to win is why every team is on the grid, and rules are written to be upheld but if F1 suffers a fatality due to a tyre failure then supporting the rules with regard tyre change during the season reflects negatively for all involved but pirelli will suffer by far more than any F1 team if they sit back and don’t press for testing their tyres. How many of us buy shoes with out trying them on first? may be those of us who don’t care about the cost won’t try them, but we are talking about racing at close to 200mph and one fatality is to big a price to pay.

  • What is more dangerous, a cop or an entire exploding?

    What a bunch of piss poor excuses I am reading, but if the cap comes off it might hurt someone.

    Gee don’t you think all those tires that exploded sending not only the cap but the belts and all flying were just a dangerous?

    Racing is dangerous people will get hurt some will die those are just the facts.

    Much better to just lose a cap and keep air pressure in the tire so the car doesn’t go out of control is much safer than an exploding tire with an out of control car.

    Good thing F1 does not listen to the wannabe experts on these forums.