Grosjean: What do you want? That we all line up and don’t compete?

Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean on the defensive

Romain Grosjean has hit back at suggestions that he has reverted to the much-derided ‘nutcase’ of 2012, insisting that Formula One drivers should be racing hard.

After Monaco, Frenchman Grosjean – penalised ten grid places at Montreal for his crash with Daniel Ricciardo – and Mexican Sergio Perez were heavily criticised for their racing antics.

“People like to write and talk, it’s never fun,” Grosjean is quoted by France’s RMC in Montreal.

“People started to say ‘it’s the Romain Grosjean of last year’. No, it’s not,” he insisted. “This was Monaco, where it is always difficult to try to pass.”

Totalrace quotes Grosjean adding: “I tried to pass and it didn’t work. What do you want? That we all line up and don’t compete?”

Romain Grosjean with broken front wing in Monaco

Romain Grosjean with broken front wing in Monaco

Meanwhile, Williams‘ Pastor Maldonado – similarly criticised for getting involved in too many incidents last year – defended Mexican Perez, who came under heavy fire after Monaco.

“It’s [unfair] to criticise what happens on the track. I think Sergio did his race,” the Venezuelan said. “I don’t think we should criticise him for racing.”

Perez and an angry Kimi Raikkonen on Thursday continued to disagree about their Monaco incident via the press, and were then seated next to one another as they signed autographs for Canadian fans.

“Awkward,” Lotus, whose popular driver, Raikkonen had suggested a punch in the face for Perez after Monaco, joked on its official Twitter feed on Thursday.

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  • K-15-

    If you wanna crash,,fine, so be it!! But why do you wanna take out quarter of the grid along with you? If Maldonado is a suicider, you are a suicide bomber. Period.

  • yeahyeah

    Many drivers are competeing without driving around like a clown crashing every race or 2. If it wasnt his manager beaing the team boss and having the sponsor he has, he would never be given a chance in F1.

  • Not Bernie

    If you look back at the crashes he was in last year about half of them weren’t his fault. If you look at Monaco, for example, it was Alonso who first pushed Grosjean out. Then Grosjean reacting to that really did some damage!

    We’ve seen other drivers doing similar to him in Monaco this year without any punishment; so it’s certainly harsh. Let’s see how he does for the rest of the season to see if he can improve, or if DC was right about him. I suspect DC was right about him.

  • CHL

    I still go back to his crash at the start last year at Spa. When you look at that one closely, it was an insane move. It could have easily killed Fernando. It probably caused him (Fernando)to lose the W.C. After something like that and the suspension, a rational driver would have
    lightened up a little. This guy is just not good enough for the big leagues and is a danger to others. He is only being kept on because of his Nationality and Sponsorship and he knows it.

  • CHL

    Hey Not Bernie
    What did DC say about him? We don’t get a lot of the British Press
    here in Austin. By the way, CHL does not stand for Concealed Handgun License!

  • Apex Assassin

    Grosjean is joke. If he doesn’t have some excellent results I can’t see the team keeping him on for another season. I don’t doubt his talent or speed, but the only thing that matters is results. Just because he’s dating Boullier won’t keep him in the car indefinitely.

  • Calvinette

    I think Boullier’s had it with Grosjean. His crashes in Monaco must have cost a million to the team, and they are really strapped for cash ;) Also, Grosjean doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes.

    Psychologically Grosjean must have been in a difficult situation competing with a team mate who is clearly superior to him in every respect, but that is no excuse for his lack of judgement.