Alonso: Bad luck will come to Sebastian and in that race we need to maximise it

Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa during autograph session in Canada

Fernando Alonso with Felipe Massa during an autograph session in Canada

Formula One Championship leader Sebastian Vettel’s luck is sure to run out some time this season and Ferrari need to make the most of any misfortune that he suffers, Fernando Alonso said on Thursday.

The Spaniard will start Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix, the seventh round of the 19 race championship, 29 points behind Red Bull‘s triple world champion who has yet to win in North America.

Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has as one of its famed features the ‘Wall of Champions’, so named because of the number of champions’ cars it has claimed in races over the years, at the last corner.

Alonso, who won in Canada with Renault in 2006 on his way to his second championship, has two points more at this stage than last year when he led the championship. But Vettel has been scoring more.

Fernando Alonso at a sponsor function in Montreal

Fernando Alonso at a sponsor function in Montreal

“What is a little bit out of normality at the moment is the points that Sebastian has scored in these six races,” the Ferrari driver told reporters.

“We need to try to finish in front of him. Unlucky races will come to everyone and will come to him as well. It came to [Lotus’ Kimi Raikkonen] in Monaco with the accident and we are very close, only five points behind him.”

Raikkonen, second in the championship, collided with McLaren‘s Mexican Sergio Perez in Monaco two weeks ago while in fifth place and had to scramble back to salvage 10th.

“It will come to Sebastian and in that race we need to maximise it,” said Alonso.

The Spaniard has already had his share of misfortune this season, some of it of his own making.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F138 crashes out of the Malaysian

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F138 crashes out of the Malaysian GP

He banged into the back of Vettel’s car at the start in Malaysia, retiring a lap later while the German went on to win.
Then in Bahrain the DRS system on his car’s rear wing failed to close properly, forcing Alonso to make an unscheduled stop and sending him down to 18th. He finished eighth.

He won in China and Spain but in Monaco the Ferrari was slowed by debris picked up around the track including a piece of Perez’s McLaren.

“In Monaco, we didn’t score so many points so we need four or five consecutive races on the podium or close to the podium to recover some of the points we have missed,” he said. “This weekend, we must score good points.”

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  • hillside

    how about hoping for goodluck to happen to you than wishing something bad for others

  • hillside

    how about hoping for goodluck to happen to you than wishing something bad for others.SMH

  • iMark

    wow wishing bad to someone else instead of working on your own business, is this the so called “best driver”? coward tactics :P poor guy, what about trying to help develop a good car instead of bitching around, fernando?

  • Jack

    Fernando Fortune-teller predicts misfortune for Vettel…

  • Lol

    Start driving properly should be your first concern. Not fortunetelling and being a Twitter samurai.

  • Not Bernie

    Alonso really is an ar*e.

    If you look at his racing history he’s been there collecting the points when other fail. Even was laughing as he crossed the finish once! It’s a tactic which has worked.

    But like others have said, why not wish for better fortunes for yourself than bad ones for others?

  • Kenneth

    Bad luck will come to you guys as well….

  • planeswalker

    stop being hypocrites. Horner was saying the same thing about Alonso when he was leading in the standings mid-season last year. Did you guys react? I guess not…

  • The Pessimist

    What a troll ass you are Fernando, rather than winning on merit you wish to see someone in misery which is not a trait of a champion, You SUCK!!!

  • nealio

    Wake up Fernando! You said the same thing last year and the year before and how did that work out for you???

  • fools

    You guys take it like he said he “wished” for it to happen.

    He is speaking in terms that everyone has misfortunes and when that does happen he and Ferrari need to take advantage of it.

    Same way RB thinks. When misfortunes happen they take advantage of it. You guys are the babies taking dildos up the ass.

    He Alonso is just summing up what they need to do which is obvious. But media ask these questions and GrandPrix247 uses it to bring trolls in.


  • nealio


    Profanity, the refuge of the ignorant…

  • visz963

    What does some bad luck for Seb help? Last year he lost approx 3 wins due to failures, and Alonso still screwed up the title in Suzuka.

    He was also slower than Massa when it mattered.

    In addition to luck, Alonso needs better driving to have chance.

  • iMark

    Well, everyone saw back in 2012 how gifted Fernando is at fortune-telling. “Title fight is only between lewis and me”. Ouch, burn, co-co-combo breaker… thats gotta hurt.