The FIA International Tribunal and how it works

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Following the announcement that a case will be brought before the FIA’s International Tribunal regarding the tyre test carried out by Pirelli and Team Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 last month, we take a closer look at the International Tribunal and its functions.

What is the International Tribunal?
Adopted by the 2010 FIA General Assembly, the International Tribunal exercises the FIA’s disciplinary powers at first instance, for all cases whether they have been dealt or not with by the Stewards of the Meeting.

Who sits on the International Tribunal?
The IT is made up of 12 members, who are recommended by the FIA Judicial Appointment Committee and then elected by the FIA General Assembly.

How is the judging panel structured?
For each individual case, the President of the International Tribunal appoints a judging panel, made up of a minimum of three members, from among the members of the International Tribunal. One of them is appointed as President of the Hearing. No member of the judging panel may be of the same nationality as one of the main parties of the case.

For what reasons may the International Tribunal be held?
The President of the FIA, acting as the FIA prosecuting body, may conduct an inquiry into any actions or conduct of a person under the jurisdiction of the FIA and suspected of having committed one of the offences set out in the Judicial and Disciplinary Rules of the FIA (Article 8.2). Following the inquiry, the President of the FIA may draw up an inquiry report and decide to close the case or to bring the matter before the International Tribunal to make a decision in compliance with the FIA Judicial and Disciplinary Rules.

What is the schedule for proceedings?
When the prosecuting body has decided to bring the matter before the International Tribunal, a notification of charges is sent to the parties being prosecuted. The President of the Hearing will set a timetable for the hearing. In case of justified urgency, in particular for matters relating to sports competitions, the parties may call for an expedited procedure. The president of the hearing may decide to reduce the timetable.

Which are the different infringements?
Persons having contravened the FIA Statutes and regulations, including International Sporting Code (please refer to Article 8.2 for complete list of infringements).

Which sanctions can be imposed by the International Tribunal?
The IT may impose fines, bans and/or the sanctions provided for in the FIA International Sporting Code (Article 153).

When is the decision announced?
After the close of the hearing, the president of the hearing will announce the likely time and date when the decision will be announced. The notification of the decision shall specify that the parties may bring an appeal against that decision before the FIA International Court of Appeal.

Who can appeal before the International Court of Appeal?
The President of the FIA and the parties being prosecuted.

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