GPI Illustrated #74

The concept of a Formula One magazine is attractive. How many have come and gone is hard to tell. Very many for sure.

Our own Grand Prix International project was inspired by a magazine of the same name (which we pilfered because we are nostalgic). It was a great read in the eighties.

F1 Racing is the next best thing to have emerged, but it has had more face-lifts than Elizabeth Taylor ever had, and will also die one day because of costs and the constantly growing media takeover of the internet. Then there is also the little matter of how many trees have to be destroyed for each issue.

Grand Prix International – our version of which we published on 73 occasions – was a digest of the week’s F1 news packaged in a digital magazine format.

Our most successful issue had 12,209 readers, but of late our figures have dipped below the 1,000 mark and it is no fun to toil away for that kind of audience. We came to the conclusion that the digest concept is of little interest as folks seem to prefer their F1 news online.

So we too have engaged in some face-lifting – or rather a revamp; thus we have changed the format to an out-and-out F1 photo magazine of which this is our first issue. Enjoy!

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