In season testing set to return as of 2014

Barcelona testing

Barcelona testing

Formula One in-season testing is returning for the 2014 season, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

However,  Auto Motor und Sport reported recently that a proposal by Ferrari to trade wind tunnel hours, straightline running and promotional days for actual circuit testing was voted down.

But Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is said to have told La Gazzetta, the authoritative sports daily, that an agreement to bring back testing was actually agreed in Monaco.

A report on the Italiaracing website said that the agreement is for four two-day tests, to take place during the 2014 world championship season on European circuits.

“This will make Pirelli happy,” read the report, “because they will have the chance to work on the tyres in the best way.”

“And also the motor engineers [will be happy], as they will be able to develop the new turbo V6s,” it added.

Nonetheless, AM&S insists that some teams – and not just the smallest ones – are opposed to the idea of extensive in-season testing.

“With 19 or 20 races a year,” an unnamed voice in the paddock is quoted, “and 12 days of testing before the season, an extra 9 days of testing would require a [seperate] test team.

“Such a team costs € 5 to 10 million extra, no matter how much is saved elsewhere,”

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  • Richard Piers

    This season especially has shown that some track testing is essential but this should be at the expense of wind tunnel work that should be substantially reduced – huge expense for “fiddling”. Test days may also be revenue earners.

  • Not Bernie

    Perhaps one solution is if the top half of the grid pays the costs to the bottom half. Let those who are demanding testing and are already hugely funded pay those teams who are struggling.

  • BobMendon

    You mean in season testing hasn’t already started? Whoops!

  • KevinW

    More fiction from the German comic book of motor sport. The teams will have to agree to the proposal unanimously, which has already been established is not forthcoming. The likelihood of adding in-season testing in 2014, the most financially stressful season the sport has ever faced, is slim to none.