Brawn says Hamilton needs time to adapt at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton with Ross Brawn

Lewis Hamilton with Ross Brawn

Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn is confident that Lewis Hamilton will adapt to and enjoy life at the Silver Arrows, bt says that he needs time to settle into his new environment.

With Nico Rosberg notching up a hat-track of poles at Monaco, and going on to win the prestigious grand prix, some pundits are analysing teammate Hamilton’s apparent slump – and pointing the finger at his ‘hip-hop’ lifestyle and the bizarre sight of his bulldog being walked in the paddock.

Briton Hamilton, meanwhile, left Monaco vowing to get his “shit together”.

Brawn, however, is not concerned: “I think it is quite a subtle thing,” he is quoted by AFP news agency, “but it will just be time, quite frankly.

“Nico has been with the team four or five years and he knows exactly what buttons to press. We have a very good group, very experienced people working with Lewis. It just takes a bit of time,” he added.

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