After Silverstone no more tyre tweaks confirms Hembery

Paul Hembery

Paul Hembery

Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery has revealed that if a tyre compound tweak is introduced for Silverstone, it will almost certainly be the last change in 2013.

Following criticism of the four-stop strategies seen at times early this season, the Italian marque wanted to make more radical changes for Canada this weekend.

Instead, only a minor tweak will be tested on Friday morning, and pending the agreement of the teams, the change – to solve the rear delamination problems seen this year – could be introduced for the British Grand Prix later this month.

But beyond that, motor sport chief Hembery acknowledged that the necessity for the unanimous vote of the teams makes more changes in 2013 very unlikely.

“Ideally we’d like to change the harder compound to give us more guarantees of being under three stops,” he is quoted by PA Sport news agency.

“But that sort of change needs the agreement of all 11 teams. Teams have taken [a variety of] design approaches, so some feel they don’t wish to be penalised by an in-season change that may alter their performance levels,” he added.

Meanwhile, the German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost has published photos of Nico Rosberg’s Monaco-spec car depicting right-side Pirelli tyres fitted on the left of his Mercedes.

The website said that Mercedes has confirmed the veracity of the images, saying the rules allow the practice, which has also been deployed by other teams in 2013.

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  • Steve

    The FIA makes changes in the rules all the time without bothering with the unanimous vote of the teams. All this story tells us is that in this instance they’d prefer not to change the tyres – it has nothing to do any “unanimous vote”.

    Presumably the FIA do not want to change the tyres – in spite of the fact that they are turning F1 into a bad joke – because they are terrified that with proper tyres, Vettel will win. In other words, this “sport” is openly rigged. It’s Professional wrestling on wheels.

  • Apex Assassin

    So if Hembrey says no tyre tweaks after Silverstone, does that mean we can definitely expect further tyre tweaks after Silverstone? What a politician.

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