Sutil: The world of motor sport can be so unfair

Adrian Sutil enjoying his return to Formula 1

Adrian Sutil enjoying his return to Formula 1

After a year on the sidelines Adrian Sutil is happy that his return to Formula One and Force India this year has gone smoothly so far.

Some, like the great Michael Schumacher (who returned to F1 after a three-year sabbatical) struggled on their grand prix comebacks.

“For me,” 30 year old Sutil told Spain’s El Confidencial, “it took me a few laps of testing and then no one [would] have known it was my first day after a year and a half of not being in any [racing] car.”

He admits that he was “disappointed and angry” at the end of 2011, when it became clear that he would be sitting out the following year.

Adrian Sutil in the Force India VJM06

Adrian Sutil in the Force India VJM06

“The world of motor sport can be so unfair,” said Sutil, “but then I asked myself what I wanted to do. I thought about it slowly and decided that, at the age of 30, I could have a second career in F1.”

Meanwhile, Sutil sounds reluctant to heal his broken friendship with Lewis Hamilton, after the 2008 world champion refused to testify during the German’s assault trial.

“You can generally only count your good friends on one hand, as good friends are hard to come by,” said Hamilton in Monaco recently. “I want to make sure we get things right.”

Sutil replied: “As Lewis said, yes, [the relationship] is different. I’m still waiting for a coming together, and I can’t say anything more.”

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    I don’t know if anyone else spotted this on Sky’s build up to the Monaco Grand Prix but on the drivers parade, Lewis and Adrian were having a chat by themselves at the front of the truck, and the Natalie Pinkham rudely barges in and asks Lewis the usual dumb Monaco questions about how important the start is etc etc. Should have left them alone. Silly girl.