Frank Williams: As long as Formula 1 exists we will be there

Frank Williams boss of one of the oldest teams in F1

Frank Williams, boss of one of the oldest teams in F1

Even at the age of 71, Sir Frank Williams is optimistic and sees a long future for his eponymous team in Formula One.

Asked by La Presse newspaper to reveal the secret of his team’s longevity, Williams answered cheekily: “The simple answer is that we started earlier than many other teams.”

Indeed, like Ferrari and McLaren, the name Williams is synonymous with F1, and Sir Frank has no plans to change that.

“We can dream that we will continue indefinitely, and I sincerely hope so,” said the Briton. “As long as F1 exists, we will be there, and we will bring this team back on the path of success.”

“Everyone is fascinated by cars, boats and planes, and that will never change. Passion and competition in sport will not change, and we hope to be part of it for a long time to come,” added Williams.

Frank with his Williams team crew in 1980

Frank with his Williams team in 1980

The current chapter in the life of the Oxfordshire based team, however, is a particularly difficult one.

But Williams argues: “There has never been an easy time for Williams. The time when we were winning was the least difficult, but it was still very difficult.

“The time of active suspension was very difficult, but easier than it is now, because it was possible to have a definitive advantage,” he explained.

“The technological gains of the 90s and 2000s have now been somewhat replaced by gains in aerodynamics, which has made it more difficult for all of the teams.”

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  • Apex Assassin

    Be there doing what Frank? Failing epically? I thought after last year Williams were finally on their way back… now look at them. Pointless going in Montreal.

    Sad times for the former champions and my fav team.

  • Not Bernie

    I find it interesting how Williams F1 has managed to keep going as they’ve spent so long at the back, or mid-field. They’ve never seemed to be able to acquire the best of drivers with one exception, Senna, but at a time when their dominant advantage of active suspension was banned.

    However, there’s no doubt that Williams earns a right to be in F1 and I do hope it continues to earn that right. I’d just like to see some better driving decisions that allows them to progress up the grid.