Ferrari’s test relaxation proposal voted down

Pedro de la Rosa during Jerez testing earlier this year

Pedro de la Rosa during Jerez testing earlier this year

A proposal by Ferrari to ease Formula One’s strict testing regulations and increase testing track time was voted down in Monaco.

The Italian team, the owner of the Mugello and Fiorano circuits, proposed that teams be allowed to trade wind tunnel hours, straightline testing and promotional days in exchange for more actual circuit testing.

But Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport claims that the proposal was narrowly defeated in a vote.

Rumours of Ferrari’s proposal were soon deafened by the controversy about Mercedes‘ ‘secret’ Barcelona test, about which Ferrari and Red Bull protested.

But Ferrari is also being probed for its own Pirelli tyre test, also run at Barcelona but with a 2011 car and Pedro de la Rosa at the wheel.

Red Bull’s Christian Horner has defended the Italian team, saying that only Mercedes’ test with a 2013 car should be under the spotlight.

O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper also quotes Red Bull designer Adrian Newey as saying: “A test with a 2011 car is legal.”

The ‘secret’ Mercedes test is certain to be a big topic of conversation this weekend in Canada, where another good performance by the Monaco-winning team would fan the fires of this controversy.

Mercedes’ Toto Wolff said the Brackley based team’s improved performance at recent races is simply the result of hard work.

“Our car has been on pole position for the last four races, which shows our basic speed, so the focus in that time has been on improving our performance on Sunday afternoons,” he said.

“We managed this in Monaco, partly thanks to the unique characteristics of the circuit. This weekend will give us a more representative indication of how much progress we have made.”

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  • WW

    The reason Ferrari is being investigated is because they did it in secret while all the teams should be made aware that a test will be taking place and they can have access too.

  • Not Bernie

    Relaxing test regulations to allow more track testing would give Ferrari an unfair advantage. With their own test tracks they have a significant advantage over anybody else who has to share the likes of Barcelona.

    The teams were right to say no, and it should have been by a vast majority.

    Also, the FIA should be notified, if they’re not already, when the teams are carrying out testing. Plus which cars they’re testing; that being current season, past season, or even a future car. Since Pirelli supply all the tyres they should also tell the FIA which tyres were supplied to which teams. Then the FIA should make this information available (in redacted form for sensitive information) to the wider public.

  • KevinW

    Wolff: “… improving our performance on Sunday afternoons”. Yes, Toto, by improving severe tire degradation issues, which 1000km of testing with the series tire provider could certainly have helped – thus the reason your teams testing with a current car and drivers was illegal.

    Mercedes obviously believes the entire world outside Mercedes are idiots.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    They are idiots… Same goes to you..

  • Stu

    We all know team Mercedes has done wrong, yet they are trying to push it over to FERRARI now. A desperate last attempt to make it look good. Maybe one of 3 things can happen.

    1) Mercedes banned for the rest of the season.

    2) Mercedes are allowed to run but will always start at the back.

    3) Mercedes must revert back to the car that was before Barcelona and the new parts added must never be seen on their cars again.

    If the FA can ban Suarez for 10 matches for biting another player then Mercedes must be treated the same. In this case Mercedes has bitten the other top teams.

  • Steve

    They could bar Mercedes from Friday testing for the next ten GP”s. That would cancel out the unfair advantage they gained.

  • Apex Assassin

    Ferrari would be way more respectable if it limited it’s mud slinging and focused on being the best team in F1, like it purports itself to be.

  • fools

    @not bernie.

    You are ignorant. F1 teams can rent tracks for testing if they must want to test.

    Ferrari have been around longer then any team. Just because you hate Ferrari and Alonso doesn’t mean its unfair they have a track. They use that track for there production cars as well as concepts.

    Hell, RB has won the last 3 WDC right? They have enough money to rent a track from Ferrari too. Im sure they wouldnt mind and if that a problem go to another track and rent it for testing.

    The fact no testing is causing more tensions to engineers and rookie drivers. Heck its everyone actually.

    Back in the day there were tons of tests. Secret and not secret.

    Whats the problem now? The media love crashes//trades/money and bogus stories. With less testing and more incidents happening they can fork more action for fans taking money while teams lose time to test and reach high failure rates while spending more and more. Yet Bernie wants to cut back on the luxury trucks. GTFOH